Fifty Shades of Grey….have you read it?

As far as I know none of the reviewers on this site have read this series YET, however we (at least I have) have been asked about this series repeatedly and what are our thoughts etc. While I haven’t read them YET, when I’ve been asked I tell them NO I haven’t read them, had no desire to read them when they first showed up on the scene last month, I will be reading them so that when I’m asked about them I can have an honest opinion about them, not one influenced by the media.

Carly Phillips wrote a blog post about the books, romance in general as compared to Fifty Shades of Grey and how she hates the term “mommy porn” and how it is being used to describe the Romance Genre. I would recommend going to Plot Monkey’s to read her thoughts (which I LOVE) and participate in the discussion. She has a really cool giveaway going on as well.

If you haven’t heard anything that is being said about it you can do a google search for the Today Show’s piece, GMA’s piece, and Dr. Drew’s piece about it. Because I know we have some international readers, what do you think of the big deal that is being made and is it happening in your countries?




  1. Carly Phillips

    Thanks for the share/comments! I tried really hard to give a fair impartial blog on it – but I truly did love the books and the characters!

  2. TBRG (Post author)

    Your welcome and I know you did. Just as soon as I’ve read them I’ll share my thoughts with you 🙂

  3. Gerri JArvis

    I have read the whole series and this book does have some grapic scenes in them, but it is not just about that. The book is about falling in love and overcoming fears and walls that were built up because of things that happen to them. I recommend that you read the whole series to see the progression from unhealthly relationships to building trust and love.

  4. Janon

    I dowloaded the sample chapters last night and really liked what I was reading. So I splurged and bought the first book last night ($10 on Kindle). I couldn’t put it down – so far I’m loving it. I bet I will have it finished by this weekend.


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