Finding Felicity

Finding Felicity by Monica Marlowe


When Madeline O’Connor learns that her estranged sister is gravely ill, she leaves behind her life in Manhattan to be at her sister’s side in Italy. There, she discovers an ancient Benedictine monastery that accommodates travelers, and she decides to stay there, among the monks. Everything in her life turns upside down when she falls for Brother Anthony Lamberti, a soft-spoken Italian completely different from the men she knows in New York. Together Madeline and Anthony find love for the first time, and learn that life and love always find a way. When her sister dies, a new life for Madeline begins. A new life that she would never have imagined and yet is perfect for her in every way.



I was very mixed on this book, as I was reading it I was not sure how the review would go. First off there were two stories going on, one in the present and one in the past, I had a hard time jumping between the two, it was well noted which time you were in, but I would just start to get into the story and then it would switch to the past again, frustrating.

The first half of the book I was just trying to figure out how these stories would intertwine and if they actually would, I admit I was worried about this and almost gave up.  I stuck with it and was pleasantly surprised, I started to get involved with the storyline, the characters started to become real and the situations I could relate to.

There was reconciliation between the sisters and Madeline who is the main character finding herself and what true love can really mean. I understand that she needed to experience everything she did and that everyone who came into her life changed her for the better but I was so wishing for her to end up with a different person and it was heartbreaking what happens to a few of the main people who meant so much for her.

Overall, I liked some of the book, enough that I am glad I took the time to read it.

Grade B-/C+



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  1. aurian

    I have read another review about this book yesterday, and I have to admit, this is not one I will be reading.


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