For His Protection by Amber A. Bardan

23403722Title:  For His Protection

Series:  Personal Protection Book #2

Author:  Amber A Bardan

Genre:  Erotica, Romance

Blurb:   For years Tyler has longed, lusted and burned for the girl who saved his life. He’ll do anything to have her—including hiring her as his bodyguard. But when the girl of his dreams turns out to have a dark streak he never could have imagined, he’ll need more in his seductive arsenal than sweet talk—he’ll have to find out just how far he’s prepared to go to get her.
Brooke has been through the kind of hell that doesn’t make it into most people’s nightmares. She’s strong, she’s fierce and she believes the only place any man belongs in her life is wedged under the toe of her shoe. Ty is the one man to get under her skin and send her mindless with desire. He’s also a spanner in her life that could undo everything she’s worked for.
She wants him—but can a man like Ty handle the kind of fantasies she has in mind?

Thoughts:  What first drew me to this book was the blurb – it sounded so captivating, it was quick to draw me in. Unfortunately, it fell a little flat for me for a number of reasons. It started out okay for me at first, but the further and further things progressed the more it just seemed to fall apart for me. I get that Brooke had a ‘dark’ past, but to be honest it seemed that her past was enough to make her job as a supposed ‘bodyguard’ highly implausible….particularly in light of her reactions in certain situations within the book. Then the whole story of how she ‘saved Tyler’s life’ came about – which was so unrealistic, improbable, and was almost laughable. I’m not even sure how I feel about the fact that he tracked her down over all that – romantic? Stalker-ish? There were just a lot of issues that made this one a ‘miss’ for me.

Rate:  D


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