Forbidden Nights with a Vampire
Love at Stake bk 7

Kerrelyn Sparks

Vanda Barkowski is in trouble.

As the owner of a hot nightclub, she’s more unconventional than most of her fellow vampires, and if some think her a little out of control, then so be it. But after three former employees filed a complaint about her temper, Vanda is sentenced to an anger management class. Worse, Phil Jones agreed to be her sponsor. Phil, the mortal who is forbidden to her . . .

If Vanda knew who—or what—Phil really is, she’d reconsider her attraction to him, for his true nature is wilder than anything she’d ever imagined. He has tackled the beast within and now is the perfect person to help Vanda with her rage . . . if only he can keep his cool when she makes him so undeniably hot. But with rogue vamps on the loose, will they ever have their forbidden nights?

REVIEW: As I have made no bones about the fact that I love this series, I won’t go on about that. This is the latest installment of Ms. Sparks Love at Stake series. When I saw that this book was about Vanda and Phil, I wasn’t sure what to expect. These two have been in every book in the series in one way or another, but we have had little glimpses into who they are, but nothing more than that.

Vanda has always intrigued me, you could always tell that her attitude was a front for some serious pain in her past. As Vanda begins to open up to Phil, so much about her attitude makes sense, she had lost almost her entire family in WW II, and had watched as her friends were butchered by some really bad people. In order to protect her self from anymore pain she has erected this wall of brashness and anger.

Phil has always had a thing for Vanda, so when no one will volunteer to be her anger management coach he volunteers. Phil ulterior motives, he wants to break through her wall of ice and anger and discover the woman that she was always meant to be, the one that she brings out for certain people.

As they begin to work together, there is no denying the attraction that is there, but Phil is afraid to show her who he truly is because the one thing that Vanda despises more than the Malcontemps, are werewolves, and that is exactly what Phil is.

I can’t say anymore because it will give away the book, and this is definitely a book that has some twists and turns, but they are good twists and turns, and they set up for the next book.

I give this book a 5 out of 5.

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