Guest blog: A Day in the Life of an Author by Jaci Burton + giveaway

Jaci Burton is one of those authors I discovered last year and I have to say I am completely hooked on her and this yummy sports series of hers. Which if you haven’t yet read you need to correct immediately! Jaci is going us today to talk about a day in her life.

A Day In The Life Of An Author

Ever wonder what an author does all day, when she has the entire day to work on a book?

I’m going to give you a peek into one of my average days. It’s very exciting stuff. Brace yourself.

I get up early in the morning, grab a cup of coffee and let my three dogs out. Okay, so maybe that’s reversed. I get up, let the dogs out and grab a cup of coffee, because the dogs are usually yipping and whining and they don’t like to wait. After all, I’m here to serve them.

I boot up the laptop and, while sipping decaf that I like to pretend is caffeinated, I open my email, spend about thirty minutes deleting stuff, answering emails from readers (my favorite part), and clicking on things I shouldn’t (shopping links!). Then it’s on to very work related sites like People Magazine and Entertainment Weekly (totally not relevant to my job), then Google Reader to catch up on all the blogs I follow (mostly gossip blogs, also not relevant to my work).

Somewhere during the above I let the dogs back in and feed them. Remember—here to serve them.

Then I load Twitter, and read everything all my Twitter friends are up to. I’ll likely post a few replies and retweet a few things I find interesting. This could take, oh, maybe a half hour or so, depending on how much Twitter is hopping that morning.

Some days I might do a blog post, where I’ll run a contest or just talk about inane stuff I’m doing (Like my average day).

After that, it’s off to Facebook to see what all my friends are doing. One must be social, you know. And I have to say hello to everyone, right?  There’s another half hour.

And then I open Pinterest, which is pure evil. Food and fashion and photography and beautiful faces and places to go and see and do. It’s my new obsession…um, I mean it’s research. Yes, it’s research. I might see an awesome photo in there I can model as my next hero (Not really. I’m just there for the shoes).

Time for a coffee refill, that I once again imagine is caffeinated.

Oh, and I do eat breakfast. Usually cereal. Cocoa Puffs is the breakfast of champions, people.

And then it’s time to recheck email (in reality, I do this every 10 minutes. Tell no one.)

Dogs want to go out again. And about 10 minutes later, they’re bouncing at the window to be let back in again. This can be very distracting, forcing me to have to check my email again.

Twitter recheck. Someone might have said something fun or amazing. Or there could be breaking news. Don’t want to miss it.

Somewhere in here on any given day there could be six loads of laundry to do. Surprisingly, there are no other people around here to do this for me.

Once I’ve exhausted every delay tactic, it’s time to open my book, read yesterday’s output and start writing. I look at the clock and realize it’s about noon and wonder what I’ve done since I got up that morning. And also realize it’s going to be a very long day, because after all, I do have a daily word count goal to achieve.

I’m sure my procrastination is someone else’s fault.

I blame the dogs.






***We have one copy of Jaci’s new books Taking a Shot to giveaway to one commenter, just tell us which sports you like to have your heroes play, and your favorite sports romance book. Open to US and Canada only*** 



  1. Monikarw

    Actually my favorite sport in life is hockey so, of course, it’s my favorite in books too 🙂

  2. Monikarw

    Sorry, I clicked “submit comment” oops 😛
    as I was saying, Hockey is my sport & my favorite hockey book (since I haven’t read Taking a Shot, yet) is See Jane Score by Rachel Gibson 🙂 ..Luc Martineu! What’s not to love about him? *sigh* ; ) ..actually all of Rachel Gibson’s hockey series books are great!:D
    and Jaci, we have the same morning routine! Who would’ve thought? 🙂 LOL
    except for the dogs, tho! She’s my sisters so ‘blondie’ doesn’t own me 🙂 & my coffe is 1st & it HAS TO BE caffeinated!!! 😀 & then Twitter (ONLY) I’m addicted to it! I waste enough time in it as it is. So no FB,tumblr,pinterest for me 🙂

  3. TrishJ

    Love sport themes romance stories. But especially your covers. WOW. If only you could teach the dogs to type, then you could share the duties. 😉

  4. Pat L.

    I love all sports related stories but my fav sport is baseball. I love your covers Jaci, without a doubt the hotest. It is so hard to pick a favorite sports story but I love Deirdre Martin’s hockey books and Kate Angell’s BASEBALL BOOKS.

  5. Amanda Cantu

    Doesn’t matter what sport the hero plays just as long as it’s good. Jaci and Bella Andre are some good ones I’ve read. Looking forward to this one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Denise S.

    Hmmm . . . I’d have to say my fav sport is baseball, the thinking man’s sport :). And that would make my fav sports story Jaci’s Changing the Game, with the oh so yummy Gavin Riley. A close second is NASCAR. I’m particularly fond of Erin McCarthy’s Fast Track series.

  7. Bridgett

    My favorite sport is NASCAR. Most people do not think of it as a sport but it definitely is. No just anyone can drive a car at 190 mph. I enjoy the Erin McCarthy books about Drivers and Carly Phillips Hot Zone series.

  8. Amy Allen

    I love hockey, so really excited about the new book. Your books are always amazing…but an added bonus that its hockey! I have alway read all the Deirdre Martin’s hockey books. But my favorite sports books would probally have to be Susan Elixabeth Phillips…Chicago Stars series.

  9. Linda Brashears

    I love to watch basketball but I love to read romance books about Nascar. It takes brains and brawn to be a Nascar driver. Thanks for the book giveaway. Whoever gets it will be a lucky winner.

  10. Laura

    I have been waiting for Jaci’s next book since i finished the other ones and tuesday cant come fast enough.she is one of my authors i read all the time

  11. Danielle West

    I love this series so far and am very excited to read about a hockey player next. I love all kinds of sports so any man that is competitive is #1 in my book 🙂

  12. Kristin

    I just found pinterest myself but have become rapidly addicted to it. I could easily spend a couple hours on there and not even realize it.
    Honestly the only sports book that I have read and really liked (loved) was Changing the Game. However, hockey is my all time favorite sport. Which is why when I saw Taking a Shot in the back of my Changing the Game book, I got really excited and have been counting down the days ever since.

  13. Megan Burton

    Football is my fave, so I loved the 1st book in Jaci’s Play-by-Play series!

  14. Megan Burton

    Football is my fave, so I loved the 1st book in Jaci’s Play-by-Play series! But baseball is a close 2nd, and I’m super excited for this new one!!

  15. Megan Burton

    Football is my fave, so I loved the 1st book in Jaci’s Play-by-Play series! But baseball is a close 2nd, and I’m super excited for this new one!! Can’t wait to read it!

  16. Megan Burton

    Football is my fave, so I loved the 1st book in Jaci’s Play-by-Play series! But baseball is a close 2nd, and I’m super excited for this new one!! Can’t wait to read it! Only 1 more week!

  17. Krissy H

    I would have to say ice hockey or Lacrosse! They are great physical sports. I havent read any sport romance books though but I love JC Burton’s books so this series will be added to my TBR pile. Thanks for having this giveaway!!

  18. Maria pronounced Mariah

    My favorite sport is football in and out of books. My favorite sports themed book so far to date is Jaci’s The Perfect Play…and not just for the drool worthy cover! This series is alway fantastic and I have no doubt that Taking A Shot will be as well!

  19. Barbara

    I love to watch football…and Jaci’s is the only sports romance series I’ve read (LOVE) besides Erin McCarthy’s Fast Track series…which I also like very much! I can’t wait to read Taking A Shot, I’ve been waiting for it (im)patiently…the cover is HAWT! Thx for the giveaway op! 🙂

    barbbattaglia @

  20. Lisa Hutson

    Cocoa puffs are the favorite here lately too. Surprisingly, no one looks anything like the covers of Jacis books! haha Maybe we will have to try Capn Crunch to see if that helps.
    Your whole routine seems to work just fine for you. 🙂

  21. Tiffany

    I don’t have a sport in particular. I did enjoy Jaci’s Changing the Game and I’m currently reading some of Lori Fosters books that have SBC fighting and they are great. I tend to lean more towards, football, baseball, soccer, boxing though. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  22. Stephanie B.

    Football…Football…Football I am a little obsessed

  23. Leni

    I prefer to watch movies and read books about sports over being an actual fan of watching a real game. My favorite is which ever one I’m reading at the moment.

  24. Claire Admire

    I like any sports that are played and my favorite books are Jaci Burton’s series 🙂


    I love tennis or baseball. A lot of books have baseball heroes, but not many have tennis, probably because it’s a quiet sport.

    Elizabeth Gray

  26. Christina Slater

    My favorite sport is football and I love all of Jaci Burton’s series.

  27. Karen Hawk

    I love cowboys, so rodeo riders would be my favorite sport, but I’ll take any of them. I love Jaci’s book Perfect Play.

  28. Na S.

    I am a huge hockey fan so I would really like for sports heroes to be profressional NHL players. I’m really looking forward to this book because it is a hockey book.

  29. Jaci Burton

    Just stopping in to say hello, and thanks to the Book Reading Gals for letting me guest here today. Thanks for all your comments. I’m always interested to hear what sports you love, and what books about sports you’ve enjoyed. Thanks so much to those of you who’ve read and loved my Play by Play series. It’s much appreciated! I’m excited for the release of Taking A Shot next week!

  30. mariann

    The Perfect Play—Loved that book!!! I like my heroes to play any sport-I’m not picky-I love a good sports related romance!!! Great interview thanks for the chance to win.:)

  31. TBRG (Post author)

    I have to admit it that I love ALL sports themed books, football, baseball, hockey, MMA. I would love to have a rugby hero I mean have you seen those guys YUMMY!!

    Thanks Jaci once again for being her today!!

  32. Susan T.

    Love sports theme books. Discovered Erin McCarthy – Fast Track, Deirdre Martin – NY Blade series and loved loved Jaci Burton – Changing Game. Thanks for the giveaway.

  33. Jane

    I’m a hockey and baseball fan, so I do enjoy reading about heroes who are hockey players and baseball players.

  34. Misty

    I like most sports, but I would have to say that football, baseball and Hockey are my favs. Jaci just makes them more interesting to read about. Her play-by-play series just keeps getting better every book!! Thanks Jaci!

  35. Jen Eggers

    I LOVE all sports book, but my latest obsession is Hockey… Hockey. I love the grace and brutality combination. I’m totally hooked on Jaci Burton.

    Thanks for the “Shot” at winning!
    Jen Eggers

  36. Mollie W

    My favorite sport would have to be football or hockey. My favorite sports romance book would have to be A Perfect Play!!!!
    I cannot wait to read a Taking A Shot!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. anna

    Hmm. Yeah I’m loving hockey players this year. Race car drivers too. Just started Erin McCarthy’s series and am really enjoying them. Never would have guessed!

  38. Kerry P

    Jaci, just got involved with these sports themed romances. I’m not a big sports fan, but I picked up The Perfect Play, and by the time I finished it I was hooked. And the excerpt into Changing The Game had me Running to the store to get that one. I never got much out of TV sports, but when I see the inner workings, through characters like yours, or local live sports, I see how much a sport contributes to people’s lives. Yes, its entertainment, but also is a teacher of life lessons ( team effort, politics, social skills with others, physical exercise). Sorry, got morose there! At the moment, Gavin is my favorite! Waiting to get to know Tyler better 🙂
    (also love your motorcycle bad boys!)


  39. Alta Fleming

    Football is my favorite sport….and Jaci’s first book in this series – The Perfect Play – happens to be my favorite sports-themed romance book! I love the way these books involve so many facets of the main characters’ lives…..and the first two connected seamlessly….and jeez, don’t even get me started on the book covers!! Thanks for the contest — can’t wait for the new book!! 🙂

  40. Carol L

    You are so blessed by the cover Gods. 🙂 I love your covers. I love men in all sports. But baseball, football and soccer are pretty much my favs. Thanks Jaci for this opportunity.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  41. Helen

    Perfect play is my favorite thus far.

  42. Gmapeony

    Baseball is my favorite sport. Double Play by Jill Shalvis is one of my favorites.

  43. Heather k

    Ohh, I loved Rachel Gibson’s hockey series & SEP Chicago Stars series. And Mick is way hot in book #1!


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