Guest Review: Teach Me Like That by Marie James

teac-hmeTitle: Teach Me Like That

Series: Love Me Like That #2

Author: Marie James

Thirty-three, single, and loving life.

Construction worker by day and playboy by night. Kegan Cole has what many men can only dream about. A great job, incredible family, and more women fawning over him than he can count. What more could he ask for?

Lexi Carter spends her days teaching at a private school. Struggling to rebuild her life after tragedy nearly destroyed her, she doesn’t have the time or energy to invest in any arrangement that could lead to heartbreak. That includes the enigmatic Kegan Cole whose arrogance and sex appeal arrive long before he enters a room.

It doesn’t matter how witty, charming, and incredibly sexy he is. She plays games all day with her students and has no room in her life for games when it comes to men, and Kegan Cole has ‘love them and leave’ them written all over his handsome bearded face.

When Lexi doesn’t fall at his feet like every other woman before her, Kegan is forced off-script to pursue her because not convincing her to give in isn’t an option.

How can a man who hates lies be compatible with a woman who has more secrets than she can count?

Can a man set in his playboy ways become the man Lexi needs? More importantly, does he even want to?


Andrea’s thoughts:

Since meeting Kegan Cole in the first book of the Love Me Series, I couldn’t wait for his story. He’s a total player, so I knew the moment he met the right woman it would turn his world upside down. This book had me laughing so much. Kegan’s mouth definitely got him in some trouble, and his nieces always gave him a run for his money. Lexi was a perfect match for him. She was not easily impressed by his charm and made him work for her attention. She had been hurt in the past so she was trying to do everything in her power to resist his playboy charms and stick to the straight and narrow. Kegan was resilient and it was endearing that even though he didn’t realize it right away, he fell hard and fast.

This book was the perfect combination of witty comments and strong characters. It had less angst than the first book in the series, but there was still lots of feels, with some steamy thrown in for good measure. I hope there is more to come for this series because Marie James left me very curious about Justin’s story!

Rating: B+


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