Happy Valentines Day from TBRG + giveaway

Valentine’s Day for my hubby and I is a non event.  He announced to me 21 years ago when we first started dating that he doesn’t believe in Valentine’s Day and he thought it was all hype for retailers to make money.  He informed me that EVERYDAY that I spend with him is Valentine’s Day, LOL.  I have to say that at times he can be romantic – he’s had me go on a scavenger hunt with clues for my Anniversary Gift and other fun stuff over the years.  He’s very thoughtful in each gift that he gives me for Christmas, Birthday and our Anniversary.  He will watch chick flick movies with me and wipe my tears because I always cry.

In closing – I guess I still love reading romance because even in today’s world there still are Prince Charming and Happy Ever After.  Even though I don’t get roses on Valentines day, it’s an awesome holiday which celebrates love.

***Do you like your romance only on Valentine’s Day or throughout the year? One lucky commenter will win a grab bag of romance books***


  1. Joy

    If you love someone you tell them EVERYDAY not on a day the stores tell you to say it.

  2. TrishJ

    We are worth more than just one day of romance a year. Anniversaries should actually be the day to celebrate. That day is specific to you and not just a generic day you have to share with everyone else. I’ve done the scavenger hunt and it is so much fun. I am a fan of spontaneous romantic days. 😉

  3. Pat L.

    Everyday or at least more than just on Val. Day. My husband will bring me flowers for no reason and candy too, which is always a nice surprise. Sometimes he will come in the door and will ruffle the bag and I then know he has something for me. And it is not all about gifts, it is being nice, helpful and caring.

  4. PeggyB

    Happy Valentines to all Book Lovers. A Good romance is a Valentine gift EVERYDAY. Thanks to all you writers who gift all readers. WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU

  5. donna ann

    there should be a romance little anytime — the when, where & how are up to those involved to determine & shouldn’t be limited to what the calendar says. It can be those unexpected little gestures that can mean the most.

  6. May Pau

    That’s the exact same thing that my husband says! He thinks it’s all hype to sell flowers, cards, chocolates…etc.etc. I personally love valentine’s day… 🙂 Nothing wrong with a special day for love…

  7. elisa v

    I believe if you love someone, it should be spent every day not just on a “Hallmark” holiday. I agree with your husband, Valentines day has become a way to make a quick buck or two in selling flowers, cards, chocolates, etc. I personally prefer everyday being loved and sent surprise flowers.

  8. Na S.

    Valentine’s Day is all about being with my love ones. I would like to think I show love every day of the year but the chance to celebrate it doesn’t hurt. For me a simple day in is enough for me. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

  9. Jane

    I definitely would want to see love celebrated all year round instead of just one day.

  10. Carol

    I prefer little gestures throughout the year. Valentine’s Day is just another day to me.

  11. Lisa Hutson

    I am lucky to be married to a wonderful man, 32 years. Valentines day is really not a big deal here at all. Of the two of us, he is far and away the most romantic. He surprises me for no reason plenty.

  12. TBRG (Post author)

    Mike and I got engaged on Feb 13, so we celebrated it as our anniversary. I’m like everyone else I like the little gifts through out the year. I do however try and so something special for my kids.

  13. Kim in Hawaii

    Aloha! My hubby has performed Singing Valentines for charity for the past three days … so our Valentine time will be this Saturday (happens every year). Then again, he generously supports my romance book habit all year long!

  14. Natalie's Mama

    I agree, little gifts and niceness all the year means so much.

    And it would be really nice to recieve a bag of books. LOL.

  15. Karin Anderson

    I like them all year. Romance books are interesting and filled with so many random facts that I can’t put them down. I used to read exclusively Sci-Fi/Fantasy, but now I’ve moved into all Romance genres with a bit of Sci-Fi/Fantasy on the side.

    Valentine’s Day has never been that big of a deal with me. I usually celebrate by hanging out with friends and eating chocolate.

  16. aurian

    Lol, valentine’s day is not that big here in Holland, and indeed, just commercial. My boyfriend brings me chocolate at the most unsuspected moments, and our gifts to each other usually is a weekend away together. No internet, no tv, just the two of us.


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