Healing the Highlander

Healing the Highlander
Daughters of the Glen series book 7
by Melissa Mayhue
release date: February 22nd

ANDREW MACALISTER longs for a cure to free him from the excruciating pain caused by an old wound, but when he rescues a drowning woman, he has no idea how much his life is about to change. All Drew knows is that this mysterious woman is hiding secrets—and that he’s never felt such a consuming desire before. Yet he cannot deny her request for help, even if it means bringing the detested English army to his Highland clan’s home.

LEAH NOBLE MCQUARRIE still harbors a deep hatred of the Fae who tortured her eleven years ago, forcing her to escape back in time to the thirteenth century. A descendant of the Fae, Leah denies her heritage and her magical healing abilities. But the English army is holding her beloved adoptive grandfather captive, so Leah must seek help from the Fae—and the captivating man whose touch she craves.

Then Drew discovers Leah’s secrets, and he’s torn between old loyalties and trusting a woman who has the power to give him the future he’s sought—but could destroy his clan forever…

We all have those authors that we absolutely LOVE and our world stops when their book gets in your hands.  Well mine did when I came home to find my Melissa Mayhue book had arrived, I think I even shouted out in joy.

For those of you that have not read this series it is hard to classify it as any one type of genre as it fits into so many of them wonderfully. We have the fantasy element in that this is a world of Fae and magic.   Time Travel, you never know where her books will take you but you will love the journey.  The Highlands aspect, who can resist those Scottish Lairds, past or present.  And don’t forget the ROMANCE, these people will travel through anything looking for their soulmate and you won’t be disappointed in their search.

This particular journey involves Drew & Leah who we met in previous books.  Drew was severely injured during a battle with some evil Fae and has spent a lot of his life looking for a way to heal his injury.  Leah had her own run in with these same Fae who tortured her and wanted to use her for their own purpose, her escape through time ended up bringing her to more people who had the same purpose in mind but this time they were holding her adoptive Grandparents hostage to get their way.  Her only salvation was with the MacAlister family so her journey begins to seek their help.  To say that Leah attracts trouble is not stretching any truth and Drew soon realizes this after having to save her life multiple times.  Their relationship is a rocky one with neither one of them trusting the other and both using each other to get what they need.  Drew learns that Leah is Fae with the gift of healing and will do anything to keep her with him so she can take away his constant pain, Leah needs Drew to convince his family to rescue hers.  They both fight their own feelings until it is almost too late for them but the power of Love will always win in the end.

If you have not picked up a Melissa Mayhue book you need to remedy that right away!  Thankfully we won’t have to wait long for the next installment as Highlander’s Curse comes out the end of March.

Grade A+

RomCon Plug: For all those following us in our RomCon Reading Challenge here is your opportunity to read another book.  Heather & I met Melissa and her daughter at RomCon last year and let me just tell you that they were the nicest people and so much fun to hang out with.  She will be attending this year also which is a great incentive to come in August.



  1. Kim in Hawaii

    Thanks for the review – Melissa is an autobuy for me! I first met Melissa at RT in in 2009. We talked about her “research” trip to Scotland. Of course I enjoyed seeing her again at RomCon, where she shared some of her adventures as a Navy spouse!

    Melissa threw herself into RomCon, especially with the blogger meet and greet. Her efforts were much appreciated. I am sad that I am unable to attend RomCon this year – at the very least I would like to congratulate you both on the successful launch of this review site (I recall you talking about it at RomCon).

    But I look forward to seeing Melissa at RT in LA and RWA in NYC!

  2. Aurian

    Not going to read this review yet, as the book is in the mail (I hope). Love this series and author, and especially the covers.

  3. Melissa Mayhue

    I can’t believe I missed your post, Melanie!!! Thank you so much for the lovely review. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed this book… and I’m really looking forward to seeing you and Heather at RomCon in August! [And seeing Kim in just a few weeks at RT!]

    ~ Melissa


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