Heated by J. Kenner

heatedTitle: Heated

Series: Most Wanted bk 2

Author: J. Kenner

Genre: Erotic Romance

I knew better than to risk my heart.
But fierce passion comes at a high price.

I grew up believing in right and wrong, good and evil, black and white. I knew better than to trust. And then I met Tyler Sharp.

Bold, charming, and dangerously sexy, Tyler always gets what he wants. But his smile can be deceiving, his dealings sordid, his ambitions ruthless. I thought I was the one woman strong enough to resist him, but our need for each other was too urgent to deny.

One look and I was in trouble. One touch and I was hooked. One night and I became his.

And now that I’ve fallen, there’s no going back.

Heated is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences. 

Thoughts: From the moment I finished Wanted and read the excerpt for this book I knew I was going to love it. And man was I right. This book has it all. An awesome hero who isn’t ashamed of what he does, and where he comes from. A heroine who has a drive and backbone forged in steel. From the moment they meet they clash in every way possible.

Sloane is on a mission to find the missing friend of her best friend. So far all of her attempts to get hired on at her last place of employment haven’t amounted to much. So she’s going after a different track. She’s going to seduce the owner of the club. The first time she sees him in person she’s not prepared for her reaction to him. He compels her on a level she’s very uncomfortable with. But she can’t refuse him. When she confronts him with the fact he knew exactly who she was after an explosive night of passion he doesn’t deny it. What he does do is tell her everything changed during the night.

This is a really fast paced book and takes place over a short amount of time. At one point Sloane makes the comment to Tyler that they fell into love to soon. He tells her its the perfect speed for them and who they are as individuals and as a couple.

I loved the conflict between the two of them. Sloane is a cop and Tyler well he draws the line where ever he wants to. He doesn’t hide this fact from Sloane and while it’s something between them, neither one can walk away from what they’ve found with each other.

Sloane tells him things she’s never told another person and has to finally face somethings from her youth regarding her family. Sidenote: Sloane’s dad makes a couple of appearances via phone calls and I have to tell you I wished he’d been there in person because he freaking rocks. Being attracted to a criminal is one thing, but loving him goes against everything she believes in.

Tyler is one of the best heroes I’ve read this year. I loved everything about him. His willingness to admit he changed his plans for Sloane their first night together because of what she made him feel. He then sets about doing everything he can to make her happy and help her in her search all in a bid to get her to choose him.

I have to admit I wasn’t sure how Kenner was going to resolve the issue between them but the way she did was perfect for these two characters. When I was done I wanted to read the book again so I could enjoy Sloane and Tyler all over again.

If you read Wanted I can guarantee you will love Heated.

Grade A


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