Her Last Wild Ride by Abby Green

HLWR AGTitle: Her Last Wild Ride

Series: Cosmo Red-Hot Reads

Author: Abby Green


Some guys know just what a girl needs…

Fresh off a brutal break-up—with a guy who was running for the World’s Biggest Liar—Ashling Sullivan has returned to New York City to start over. Priority number one is getting her new business started with her BFF, Jenna. Hence their strict no-guys pact. No dating, no sex, no exceptions! Until temptation walks into her brother’s bar in the form of a really, really hot guy!

She must resist. She will resist. Except that Johnny Ryan, with his cool, edgy but brooding attitude (what is it with this guy?) and his so, so strong carpenter’s hands, is six-foot-three inches of ripped, Irish sexiness that turns Ash into a puddle of lust in about half a second. Worse yet, he offers her a deal that she can’t refuse – a down-‘n’-dirty and wickedly hot two-week fling. Just one last ride before she gets down to business. No-one would know! Ash is definitely not thinking with her head or her heart when she agrees . . .

Because this thing with Johnny goes way deeper than just chemistry. And what started as a last, wild ride with a bad boy is definitely headed for major head-on collision…


Abby Green writes with such humor… She reduces me to one of those idiots sitting in the doctor’s office laughing out loud as I look down at my phone!

Example: “To my disgust, when he’d said bono all I could think about was one thing. Boner.”….” I’d assured myself I wouldn’t be waiting for him with legs open. Ha! I might as well have lain down naked and covered myself with sushi and handed him some chopsticks.”

Also LOL’d at: ” ‘Girlfriend, life is too fricking short to do without sex.’ ” (co-worker and friend Candy delivers a huge dose of the comic relief in Her Last Wild Ride)

And: “Mary Freaking Poppins and her cartoon birds were back and twittering deliriously.”

There’s also such emotion in Abby’s words. I feel my heart clinch and I hold my breath for a moment at some of her passages.

“With Johnny though, I’d had no sense of being able to hold anything back. With one touch he’d reached in and taken everything I was offering and more, and it scared the hell out of me. Even as I was honest enough to admit I wanted more.”

And “A question rose up inside me: Which pain was greater? Trying to self-protect, or just risking everything?”

This addition to the Cosmo Red-Hot Reads line is definitely one of my all time faves so far! The chemistry coming from this couple is off-the-charts and Abby writes them and their hang-ups and eventual fall to perfection!

You’ll read references to Ash’s brother Liam and Johnny’s sister Caitlin, their book called ‘Getting Off’ came out 2014. (I have it listed as one of my Top Contemporary Reads of 2014) Although it’s not crucial to this storyline that you read it first, I highly recommend you grab it and read it too! Abby Green has installed herself on my ‘must read’ list and I will suggest her to anyone who will listen!


Grade A


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