His For A Price by Caitlin Crews

cover50600-mediumTitle:  His For A Price

Series:  Vows of Convenience Book #1

Author:  Caitlin Crews

Genre:  Romance

Blurb:  “This is all a big chess game to you, and I the convenient pawn…” 

Greek tycoon Nicodemus Stathis was never able to forget beautiful heiress Mattie Whitaker. And now, ten years of delicious tension later, Nic finally has her right where he wants her.  Mattie’s once powerful family dynasty now lies in ruin, and only Nic can offer them a solution—a solution with vows! She might not have a choice, but Mattie refuses to be the sacrificial queen to his king.  But Nic’s slow, deliberate seduction wears down his new bride, and the word “checkmate” lies on his lips like a promise.

Thoughts:  If you’ve heard the phrase, “The lady doth protest too much” – well, not only does that phrase fit, but goes a little overboard with it.  To be honest, Mattie got on my nerves frequently with her constant complaining – from the beginning up till the end she never let up!  While, of course, I expected this with a forced-into-it marriage-of-convenience, and it was acceptable in the beginning of the story, it just really started fraying on my nerves toward later on.  As Nic repeatedly pointed out to her, she had choices…she may not like the ones she has, but they are choices just the same.  If you’re going through with it, quit b@%#&ing and moaning about it and do it already.  I liked Mattie in the beginning, and love her spirit (at first), but she quickly became a tedious heroine.

The reasons behind Mattie feeling “forced” into the marriage just didn’t fly for me either, and neither did the “secret” and the whole reasoning behind fighting her feelings for Nic.  Just didn’t ring true for me at all.  The chemistry between these characters was great, and if the rest of it had come together for me, I would have rated it higher.  A solid C for me.

Rate:  C



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