Hitched by Erin Nicholas

hitchedTitle: Hitched

Series: Promise Harbor Wedding bk 4

Author: Erin Nicholas

Genre: Contemporary

One of the things I love about an Erin Nicholas story is that I can be guaranteed to have fun reading it and to fall in love with not just the hero and heroine but also the secondary characters as well.

The saying saving the best things for last takes on new meaning when it comes to the Promise Harbor Wedding series. From the very beginning I’ve been intrigued about Gavin and Allie and what happened after carried her out of her wedding. All through the other books in the series I’ve waited to find out what was going on with them.

In the last book Busted I loved the pieces about Gavin we got, but I couldn’t wait to get to this book.

Gavin is one of those romance heroes who is swoon worthy. When he finds out Allie is getting married he drops everything and rushes to her side to stop, because even though they’ve been broken up for a year she still has his heart.

Allie is a heroine that in the beginning you hate, because she seems very selfish. However once you get to know her and her demons you realize that she isn’t selfish, she’s just trying to hang on to her sanity/emotions with her fingernails.

Gavin and Allie’s time in Alaska is one of determination on Gavin’s part to convince Allie he’s husband material, and determination on Allie’s part to not think about what was going on back home and to live in the moment.

One of the storylines in this series I was hoping would be addressed is Allie and Devon’s friendship and it is, in a really great way. Think tequila.

In case you hadn’t figured out I loved this story, and thought it was the best on the series.

Grade A+

I tweeted the book as I was reading, and for those who missed it I’m including that in this review, because I think it conveys what I think about the book. There is one tweet I will tell I was very happy to be wrong about, but I won’t tell you what it was, I let you discover that on your own. (I did clean up the grammar mistakes, and there are occasional comments between Erin & I about what I just tweeted.)

  • It takes balls to interupt the wedding of the woman you love #hitched
  • Allie just got her first look at Alaska and is feeling more than a little overwhelmed wishing Gavin was w/ her #hitched
  • Doing something for herself is completely out of the norm for her, causing more than a little bit of panic #Hitched
  • Allie really needs to let go..wonder how long Gavin is going to let her avoid her emotions #Hitched
  • oohh smexy times against a wall #hitched
  • Allie really needs to let go..wonder how long Gavin is going to let her avoid her emotions #Hitched
  • @heatherlire She’s wound pretty tight, huh? 🙂 #Hitched
  • @ErinNicholas oh yeah…When she finally cracks it’s going to be epic. #Hitched
  • “Let’s get you loud,” he said huskily before licking her… Oh my Gavin a man w/ a goal #Hitched
  • You go Gavin…no sex for Allie until she opens up about her emotions #Hitched
  • Have a feeling sparks are going to fly between Allie and Gavin’s housekeeper Lydia #Hitched
  • oohh naughty versions of fairy tales…Gavin you dirty boy #Hitched
  • Gavin is seriously swoon worthy, Allie doesn’t know what sleeping dragon she’s awakened #Hitched
  • oh Gavin you poor clueless male..the housekeeper is in love w/ you and doesn’t want Allie there #Hitched
  • Boy howdy a man who loves Brad Paisely, Tim McGraw AND whose favorite position is cowgirl *sigh* #Hitched
  • It’s official I’m completely in love w/ Gavin and Allie doesn’t stand a chance #Hitched
  • Allie has a problem..Gavin thinks she’s hotter than hell playing with puppies #hitched
  • “I’m on the pill” “4 of the best words I’ve heard in a long time” #Hitched
  • oh Allie you need to let it all out otherwise you’re going to make Gavin choose #Hitched
  • mmm shower sex….you go Gavin and Allie #Hitched
  • love it…they broke a towel rack having smexy times #Hitched
  • I don’t want to be just be your dessert…I want to be your vegetables ~ Gavin #Hitched
  • Body shots while watching a marathon of Big Bang Theory the fun Gavin & Allie get up to #Hitched
  • Burying your head in the sand isn’t going to help you Allie #hitched
  • You go Lydia..tell Allie exactly what she needs to hear and doesn’t want to #hitched
  • Allie Allie Allie running away never solves anything and Gavin is going to be furious w/ you #hitched
  • @ErinNicholas I love how Lydia and Charlie are talking and how she confronted Allie about her family #hitched
  • Holy Hell that was one hot sex scene #Hitched
  • Allie at some point you need to stop avoiding life #Hitched
  • YES Allie you finally get it…at least your beginning to #Hitched
  • Things are coming to a head and Allie may just lose out on something wonderful #Hitched
  • Don’t give up Gavin…Allie will realize she needs you #hitched
  • @ErinNicholas OMG yes…but I have faith in Gavin. He’ll get through to her in the end #Hitched
  • Time to put up or shut up for Gavin and Allie #Hitched
  • Yes Allie your family can function without you #Hitched
  • Good job Devon, Allie’s in desperate need of a friend right now #hitched
  • oh dear what kind of crazt are Devon and Allie going to get up to #hitched It’s about time Allie…you need to unload all that crap so you can be with Gavin #Hitched
  • I will never look at broccoli and chocolate frosting the same way again #hitched
  • getting drunk at your mom’s grave might not be such a hot idea there Allie #hitched
  • Good on you Gavin stopping Allie from making a huge mistake at dinner #hitched
  • oh dear that kitchen is a bit crowded..don’t punch anyone Gavin #hitched
  • Hayley just threatened Gavin with her billy club if he leaves w/out Allie it’s getting interesting #Hitched
  • Gavin you really do get Allie #hitched
  • Can’t have your own HEA until you resolve your family issues #Hitched
  • Oh Allie do you realize just how much Gavin loves you #Hitched
  • Yes!!! Allie you are exactly what Gavin needs FINALLY! #Hitched
  • what a great ending to #Hitched it was perfect and no I won’t give that part away it’s worth the wait


  1. Sharlene Wegner

    I have been looking forward to reading this whole series. Thanks for the review!

  2. Patoct

    This series has interested me also. Cannot wait.

  3. Jeananna

    did you seriously just review another book in another series that I have to add to my TBR list??!! yes… yes, you did!!

  4. Pamiam

    Yes, it’s another series for me too. Time to go check them out on Amazon


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