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Holiday Affair

by Lisa Plumley

Single mom Karina Barrett is thrilled to treat her kids to a fairytale Christmas vacation… but will a sexy innkeeper make her own holiday dreams come true?

For Karina, it’s the chance of a lifetime: a free cocoa and gingerbread-filled holiday at a quaint Michigan B&B called The Christmas House.  In return, Karina will play spy and report back to the company hoping to buy out the popular hotel.  It’s all too good to be true…especially when Karina meets innkeeper Reid Sullivan. The man is a walking talking Christmas miracle—and she’s hoping to meet him under the mistletoe…

Single dad turned globe-trotting adventurer, Reid isn’t quite sure how he and his daughters got roped into helping out this year at his family’s B&B.  But once he arrives, it doesn’t take long for a certain guest to catch his eye.  Fun-loving California girl Karina is hard to miss, and Reid senses the attraction is mutual.  As Christmas approaches and the weather grows colder, things between Reid and Karina heat up.  But when the true reason behind Karina’s visit is revealed, will the holiday magic disappear before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve?

This was a cute holiday romance, if you are like me and will sit and watch all the new holiday shows on Lifetime each Christmas than you will like this book.  It reads just like one of those movies and in fact I think I have seen one that was very similar.

Karina’s sister asks her to spend Christmas at a B&B and do an evaluation for her company who is trying to determine if they want to buy it or not.  Her thought is why not, being recently divorced and not knowing how to make the holiday good for her kids, this is the perfect opportunity as the B&B is Christmas themed.

Reid is a single dad who travels everywhere with his two girls, if there is adventure he will be there, until he is summoned home by his grandparents wanting a huge favor – run the B&B for the holidays while the evaluation is going on and it is bought.  Reid is concerned and apprehensive from the get go until Karina and her family arrive, a little incentive to stay for a couple weeks.

And like any good romance chaos begins and love begins to bloom.

I decided to share some of the holiday magic by giving away our ARC of this book all you got to do is comment.

Are you a sucker for a good romantic holiday story?

Grade B



  1. Johanna Jochum

    I love a good romantic holiday story. I have not read one in quite awhile and would love to read this one. It looks very sweet! Thanks for sharing today!

  2. Lisa Hutson

    Love a good romance, period! 🙂 But holidays do add a special something something, dont they?

  3. Heather-admin

    One of my favorite christmas stories is The Present by Johanna Lindsey about the Mallory.

  4. Johanna Jochum

    Heather, How could I forget about The Present! I love the Mallory clan! That was a very sweet and romantic book! A Wallflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas was a very lovely christmas time book too. Anything by Johanna Lindsay and Lisa Kleypas is wonderful!


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