Holiday Fun with Lisa Renee Jones

Today Lisa Renee Jones is sharing a holiday memory and one of her favorite holiday recipes..

Although my kids are grown I have fond memories of a simple recipe I use to make with them that they thought was so fun. It’s easy and it good! All you need is a package of Oreos and lots of whipped cream. Have the kids spray whipped cream on the bottom of a pie plate. Then layer Oreos. Then more whipped cream. Keep piling it high. Then put in the fridge overnight. You would never know when its morning that pie wasn’t much fancier! The kids have fun and it taste good. The cookie melt into the whipped cream and it tastes yummy! And it looks like a pie!

Add some extra whipped topping and stick a couple whole cookies on top and you are set!

Lisa says that you can use this recipe throughout the year, at Easter use the fun spring oreo’s and at Halloween use the fun orange oreos. 


One of my most recent, fond holiday memories was four years ago. DH and I were thinking of moving to New York so we decided to spend Christmas in New York.  Now, in true Lisa form I became horribly sick and ran a high fever. It didn’t matter. It was still wonderful. The hotel gave us a poinsettia we used as our tree. We went to Godiva and got their holiday mix and found a great place for dinner.  We spent the week exploring the city and seeing all the gorgeous holiday settings!  It was romantic and fun. You have to see New York at the holidays. It’s amazing!


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