Hot Mess by Amy Andrews

Title:  Hot Mess

Series:  Hot Aussie Knights Book #1

Author:  Amy Andrews

Genre:  Romance, Contemporary

Blurb:   “I never thought I’d get a second chance at a first time with you.”

Firefighter Logan Knight thinks it’s fate when he meets Arabella Tucker again, nine years after their brief, intense relationship ended. Until he realizes that Bella doesn’t recognize him and all of their memories together are completely erased from her memory.

Bella may be oblivious to their history but she can’t deny their scorching chemistry and the possibility of a future with the mystery man from her past. Logan wants a future too, but he can’t go there until Bella knows everything they shared. Her parents, though, want to protect her from the emotional cost of old memories and so Logan is reluctantly persuaded to let the past lie.

But when Bella starts to uncover the truth, she is shocked by the revelations. Can she move beyond the hurt of her shared history with Logan and begin their new story?

Thoughts:  This is a sweetly written, second chance at love romance.  Bella appeals to you from the very beginning, and you have sympathy for someone who has lived for years with amnesia without retaining memories from a certain gap in her life.  I enjoyed how the author described Bella’s feelings when family and friends looked at her and the pressure she felt to remember things.  Both characters have grown over the years, and Logan is eager to grab this second chance with the love of his life.  Unfortunately, he lets her parents talk him into hiding information from her initially and – of course – it comes back to bite him in the rear.  The author didn’t stick to the tried and true type of format typical for this genre and read either, which I also found refreshing.

Very enjoyable read!

Rate:  B


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