How to Pursue a Princess by Karen Hawkins

16095119Title: How to Pursue a Princess
Series: The Duchess Diaries bk 2 and The Oxenburg Princes
Author: Karen Hawkins
Genre: Historical Romance


An innocent lost in the woods . . .

The sensible solution to her family’s dire financial woes is for Lily Balfour to marry the Earl of Huntley, a wealthy widower handpicked by her matchmaking godmother, the Duchess of Roxburghe. Huntley is pleasant and attractive, the perfect candidate in every way. But Lily knows she’s in big trouble as soon as passionate, unprincipled Prince Wulfinski sweeps a hot, possessive glance over her.

Powerful and sexy, Wulfinski declares he will make her his—no matter the cost.

By his own account, Wulf is a pauper, barely able to afford his own cottage. Yet nothing will stop him from pursuing the elusive beauty with every cunning trick he can muster. But which is more important: power and money . . . or love everlasting? To make the right choice, both Wulf and Lily must trust their hearts, not just their heads, to lead them to the happiness they desire.

The Duchess is up to her old tricks again.  This time, she has gone to far and may have damaged any chance of her god daughter and god son of ever getting married.  Let me explain!

Lily Balfour is backed into a corner, with only one way out and that is to marry a wealthy man.  Let’s go back a few steps, Lily’s father is not a very capable man and took a loan from his neighbor to build a green house.

Now the neighbor is demanding his money back, with interest within a month, but all the money her father borrowed is now completely gone.

With Lily being the second eldest, it is up to her to marry well to save her family from ruin; since the eldest daughter has just recently married and is on her honeymoon.

How can Lily find a rich husband in such a short time, with the help of her fairy godmother of course, minus the fairy part.  Her god mother has been trying for years for Lily to come to her home and find a suitable husband and it just seems so convenient that she got to have her way.

A few days in her godmother’s home and Lily already needed a break. Deciding that a ride in the forest would do her good, Lily sets off, only for her horse to startle, throw her off and ride away.  When she awoke, it was to find herself in the arms of the most gorgeous man she has ever seen.  Sounds like a fairy tale doesn’t it!

But at last it was not meant to be, for even though her rescuer is a Prince, he does not have a penny to his name.  So even though he speaks the secret language of her heart, she must not get herself caught up in him for she has a family to save.

Prince Pietr Wulfinski is determined to find the woman of his dreams, literally.  This is why he left his home country and came to England to find her.  Wulf, as everyone calls him, wants to marry for love like his parents, but in order to do that he must first pretend to be poor.  He does this for women to love him for him and not for his wealth.

A shout in the woods alerted him to someone in danger but he never expected to find the woman who has been haunting his dreams to be there.  Wulf used all the tricks he has in his arsenal and it would have worked too if he had the money to back it up.

Would these two troubled souls find their way to each other, would their goals, one wanting to marry for money and the other for love, clash to much  for them to find each other.  It does not help that there are pesky old women determined to have their own way as well.  Don’t miss out on all the drama and excited in How to Pursue a Princess.  Second book in The Duchess Diaries and the first book in The Oxenburg Princes.

+Karen Hawkins has done it again.  She has written a book so wonderfully packed with everything I liked that when I came to the last chapter, I closed the book and came back to it a few days later;  I did not want it to end.  But it did, and now I’m sad.

Wulf has been added to my list of book boyfriends since he is so passionate about everything.  I was so angry with Lily, the answer is right in front of you but at the end of the book I realized that she was in battle with herself.  If she went with Wulf, she’ll be abandoning her family for her own selfishness and if she does not, she would be married to a man she does not love, but her family would be secure.  Which would you choose?

It all worked out in the end, but how it worked out was so adorable and funny at the same time.  Use your imagination to see what happens or better yet, go out and buy the book and know what happens!

If you were wondering that the Prince is hot the Duchess godson, then you have to read the next book in The Duchess series, How to Entice an Enchantress.

Happy reading!

Thoughts: I absolutely loved this book
Grade: A+


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