How to Worship a Goddess by Stephanie Julian

Title: How to Worship a Goddess

Series: The Forgotten Goddess bk 2

Author: Stephanie Julian

Genre: Paranormal


Lucy was once the beloved Goddess of the Moon. These days the goddesses of the Etruscan pantheon are all but forgotten. The only rituals she enjoys now are the local hockey games, where one ferociously handsome player inflames her divine blood…


Brandon Stevenson is one hundred percent focused on the game, until he looks up and sees a celestial beauty sitting in the third row. A man could fall hard for a distraction like that…

This is a hard review for me to write.  Basically I didn’t connect with this book and I really like this author, so I feel bad for giving it a not so great review.

When I first started reading it, I thought “wow I’m really loving this”.  The hero is a hockey player (I love books centered around sports) and the chemistry between Brandon and Lucy was off the charts hot.  It read like a hot contemporary romance with a little paranormal thrown in.  So I was really digging it – up to about page 200.  Then some funky stuff goes down with Brandon  – I don’t want to say what as a spoiler, but this is where the book took a bad turn for me.

I felt that I was missing something – I did not read the first book in this series, and usually that doesn’t matter.  So maybe that’s it, I thought?  I didn’t read the first book so I’m out of the loop.  It wasn’t it…..  It just kind of didn’t flow smoothly anymore and I couldn’t wait for the book to be over.  Usually when I’m reading erotic I will skim over some of the sex scenes to get back to the story.  Well it was the opposite in this book – I skimmed the story and stopped and read the sex scenes very slowly.  Stephanie Julian does know how to write a great sex scene.

I have not given up on this author – she’s been a great go to author for well written paranormal erotic for me.  I just wasn’t feeling this book.

Grade C-


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  1. aurian

    I’d still like to read this series, as it does sound original. Thanks for the review, and I am sorry it did not work for you. Hope the next one is a winner again.


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