If Santa Were A Cowboy by Melissa Cutler

Title: If Santa Were A Cowboy

SeriesOne and Only Texas Book #2.5

Author:  Melissa Cutler


BlurbThis Christmas, Santa wears a Stetson.  Paul Savage loves Christmas at Briscoe Ranch Resort, when he gets to take a break from being a back country guide to play Santa in the resort’s lobby and talk to kids about toys. The last thing he expects is his high school crush to come waltzing in as his new assistant photographer, wheeling a suitcase that’s more naughty than nice.

Kelly Walker is a disaster. All she’d wanted was spice up her life by saying ‘yes’ to every opportunity, which is when the universe started pelting her with ‘no’s. So when she comes across a job listing for a holiday photographer working with the sweet, scrawny boy whose advances she’d laughed off in high school, she jumps on the chance to turn her bad Karma around by giving Paul a second chance.

Trouble is, Paul’s anything but scrawny anymore, and his cowboy swagger throws her grand plans for a loop—especially when he tempts her with a red hot proposition of his own. Kelly’s in way over her head, but as she gets swept up in the magic of Briscoe Ranch’s holiday charms—and Paul’s—could Kelly’s year of ‘no’s be leading up to the ‘yes’ of a lifetime?

 Favorite quotes:  Finally, his inner chump roared.  Kelly and Paul.  It was about goddamn time.

 “You’re my yes, Paul.  The only yes I’ll ever need.”

Thoughts: If you are looking for a little romance with a holiday spin, this book is exactly what you need!  I enjoyed the story, and the characters.  It’s sweet, a little funny, and also a quick little read that has a feel for some of the older romance titles from maybe Harlequin.  If you are short on a time but need a quick fix, give this one a try.

Rate:  B+


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