Improper Gentlemen

Improper Gentlemen

Talbot’s Ace by Diane Whiteside
To Match A Thief by Maggie Robinson
A Knack for Trouble by Mia Marlowe
A trio of wonderful stories all individually their own yet they have one very important thing in common, the title says it all, Improper Gentlemen.  These stories have some men who know what they want and will do whatever is necessary to get it.  Don’t rule out the women though they are willing to put up a fight to get what they know they deserve.  This makes for three HOT romances that you don’t want to put down.  

In Talbot’s Ace we are transported back to the wild west where we meet Justin who is willing to give up all to protect the women of his dreams who just happens to be completely misunderstood and in need of someone strong in her life.   
“Talbot’s Ace” by Diane Whiteside
He rules Colorado’s most glittering, anything-goes gambling palace. And Justin Talbot never does something for nothing. But if daring Boston aristocrat Charlotte Morland needs his protection from a dangerous enemy, he’ll have no choice but to make her business his pleasure…
To Match a Thief brings us to historical London where we meet Simon who has turned his life around after grieving for his one true love only to learn that she is alive and he happens to have just bought her along with a lovely townhouse.  How fortunate can one man be, now to only convince Lucy that he is and will always be in love with her.  

“To Match a Thief” by Maggie Robinson

Ex-pickpocket Sir Simon Keith can now afford the best of everything. But London’s most-desired courtesan is his lost love Lucy. Now Simon will need his wits and his considerably large…wiles to win his way back into her bed—and into her heart.

A Knack for Trouble happens to be my favorite of the three stories.  After their night of romance that should not have happened Aidan and Rose’s life completely turn upside down.  It is not until years later that they run into one another again and realize the passion is still there and cannot be denied.  Throw in a little murder mystery and Aidan’s little gift he inherited from his Irish father and I was hooked.  

“A Knack for Trouble” by Mia Marlowe

Lord Aidan Stonemere didn’t go from prison to a title by playing by society’s rules. If he wants something, he takes it. Rosalinde Burke didn’t object to being taken. Once. To keep her from marrying a proper viscount, Aidan will do whatever it takes to remind her how deliciously good being bad feels…

Overall a wonderful book that is nice to disappear into for a few hours.
                                                                                                                 Grade B 

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