In It to Win It by Morgan Kearns

Title: In It to Win It

Series: Deadlines and Diamonds bk 2

Author: Morgan Kearns

Genre: Contemporary

Sportscaster ‘Plain Jane’ Alexander was a late bloomer. Back in the day, she blended into the background, content to watch from the sidelines while Grayson Pierce soaked up the spotlight. Content until he broke her heart. Bitter, hurt and angry Jane did the college thing, came out of her shell, and never looked back.

Grayson loves baseball. It was his pastime in high school, his passion in college, and now … his career. However baseball isn’t the only thing in Grayson’s heart. The problem is that Grayson has the reputation as a bad-boy. He likes fast cars and loose women and expensive liquor. All things that make him deplorable in Jane’s eyes, throw in his hot and cold attitude and she is ready to scream.

When the promise of an exclusive interview brings a very reluctant Jane to Grayson’s home, she realizes that not everything is as it appears.

I love sports books especially baseball stories, combine that with reunited high school sweethearts and I’m hooked.

Grayson and Jane were high school sweethearts almost. Growing up in the same small Utah town (I actually have family from this small town so it was fun to read a book set there) Grayson and Jane didn’t exactly run in the same circles, so when Jane becomes Grayson’s tutor a friendship develops. This friendship has the potential for so much more. That is until Jane overhears something and ends the friendship just before prom.

When Grayson and Jane reunite, a reunion forced on her by her boss Grayson sees it a chance to finally get the girl and Jane hates every minute of it because he still gets to her. As Jane discovers the real Grayson she has to reassess everything she knows about what happened when they were in high school and face something things about herself.

I loved every minute of this book. From the moment I picked it up till I closed the book I think was 3 hours. It was a very fast and quick read. Because of the history that Grayson and Jane have with each other they don’t have a lot of awkward getting to know you moments and the story builds really fast.

If you like great stories with famous sport stars who are more than they seem and determined to get the only girl they have ever wanted to have a future with when they come back into their life, and heroines who are strong enough to acknowledge their feelings and listen to explanations than you will love this story.

I know I did. I loved it so much I went from reading this story straight into reading the next book in the series, Out of Left Field about Grayson’s best friend Xavier.

Grade A



  1. Pat L.

    This sounds good; love sports related books, particularly baseball. But this looks like an ebook only????

  2. Laurie G

    I love sports related books. Sounds great!


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