In Too Deep/Never Too Late by Morgan Jane Mitchell + GIVEAWAY

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91YLOEXxp7L._SL1500_Title:  In Too Deep AND Never Too Late

Series:  Table 21 Books 1 & 2

Author:  Morgan Jane Mitchell

Genre:  Erotic/Romance

BlurbIn Too Deep by Morgan Jane Mitchell – “I’m going to fix you Loraine. I know what you need… you’ve never been with a real man. You need to let a man take charge for a change.”  Loraine has no problem getting what she wants from a new man every night but has never let one in… literally. Rick needs it multiple times a day but has never kissed a woman, on the mouth that is… When two sex addicts agree to cure each other so they can be with other people, will they get in too deep? 

Never Too Late – Loraine, a sexual encounters addict wasn’t suppose to have a fear of penetration. A freak of nature, she’d never let a man in until Rick decided he would fix her. Rick thought he hit the jackpot making a deal to be Loraine’s daily fix. An addict himself, he thought he could fulfill his own addictions while he broke her in for another man… and so he could marry that man’s rich Mother… until he fell in too deep. When a deal between two sex addicts leads to nothing but trouble and heartache, Rick and Loraine rediscover their addictions. Both think it’s too late for love until Rick, doing the unthinkable, takes matters into his own hands.

81N03jHXi4L._SL1500_Thoughts:  I have to admit that – if nothing else – this book was original.  I can honestly that I have never read a storyline quite like this one.  The first installment, In Too Deep, is one of the books in the Forbidden Fruit vol.1 anthology (I’ll rate the whole anthology later).  The storyline itself (with both of them being sex addicts) was enough to draw me in, and the idea that Lorraine is a addict when it comes to finding men to pleasure her – and then leaving them without any fulfillment of their own, is enough to raise your eyebrows.  The writing style and the story was definitely enough to keep you interested – but, as you can imagine, this book is not for the faint of heart.  It’s certainly not for everyone.  I had a mild complaint/issue with Rick referring to what he called her “buttonhole” – this I found irritating to no end, but I mostly managed to overlook it.  My main complaint here was the ending.  This one had one of the most frustrating endings I have come across and I was so annoyed at reading it!  This one is enough to leave you utterly perplexed, annoyed, and quite frankly – pissed off!  The only thing that made it bearable was already having the next installment awaiting me.

Never Too Late picks up right where the first one leaves off, so bear that in mind when it comes to this series.  This time, however, we get to see things mostly from Rick’s point of view.  If you thought the first one was a wild ride, this one is even wilder.  This author definitely knows how to keep you guessing and keep things interesting. Although, I did approach the end a bit warily after what happened with the first installment…LOL  This one, while it leaves an opening for the next book, doesn’t leave you quite as frustrated!

Rate:  B/B-

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