Insatiable by Meg Cabot

Title: Insatiable

Series: Insatiable bk 1

Author: Meg Cabot

Genre: Paranormal

Being single can suck … but not as much as being undead.

Not only has Meena Harper been cursed from birth with the “gift” of knowing how everyone she meets is going to die, no one will believe her warnings about their impending doom.

Until Meena finally meets a guy who doesn’t seem to have an expiration date. Have her dreams come true . . . or her worse nightmare just begun?

Maybe. Because handsome, charming Lucien Antonescu isn’t who he seems to be, and soon Meena has way bigger problems than that promotion she didn’t get at work: A good-looking, sword-bearing vampire hunter who claims to be from a secret military unit of the Vatican is pounding on her door, trying to enlist her services . . .

. . . to kill her boyfriend, who just happens to be the Prince of Darkness.

Insatiable by Meg Cabot is funny and self mocking.  It has a vampire story line and makes fun of vampire story lines throughout the book and the cover makes you think it’s a YA Little Red Riding Hood story and it’s supposed to be an adult Vampire story.  Not that it’s very adult.  It has a few swear words and some suggestive scenes, but would be appealing to an older teen more so than a woman in her thirties.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to read YA and I adored Meg’s Princess Diaries, but this left me hanging and not really inclined to read the next one.

Meena Harper is a dialogue writer for a soap opera called Insatiable and is hoping to get the Lead Writer position that just opened up, but not only does the job go to her nemesis Shoshona, they are also going to be introducing a vampire into the story line to compete with Lust, a soap on a different network, that is killing their ratings with a vampire love interest. Meena hates vampires! Plus, Meena can tell when a person is going to die when she looks at them.  This makes taking the subway to work interesting.

Lucien Antonescu is a Romanian History Professor at the University of Bucharest in Romania and he’s the Prince of Darkness because he is Vlad the Impaler’s son and when Vlad was killed the crown was passed down to him.  Unfortunately that means when dead girls that are drained of all their blood start showing up in Central Park a little trip to the Big Apple is needed to find out who is going against his edict of no deaths while feeding.

Lucien and Meena meet when she is taking her dog, Jack Bauer, for a walk at 4 AM because she can’t sleep and they get attacked by bats out of the St. George cathedral. Lucien pushes her down and covers her with his body until the bats leave and when she gets up, Lucien doesn’t even have a scratch.

So, the story starts out well, but then it becomes convoluted and another man, Alaric Wulf is introduced as a Palatine Guard who wants to kill Lucien and who falls in love with Meena too.  I normally like complicated stories and this one left me cold.


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  1. aurian

    I really thought from the blurb and the cover another YA. Still, the book is not calling my name.


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