Jaimie: Fire and Ice by Sandra Marton

cover36888-mediumTitle:  Jaimie: Fire and Ice

Series:  The Wilde Sisters Book #2

Author:  Sandra Marton

Genre:  Romance

BlurbJaimie Wilde comes from a family of risk-takers. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t believe in taking risks. She’s a logical, practical woman. Zacharias Castelianos has taken risks all his life. Ex-Special Ops Marine, ex-government operative, Zach lives for challenge. He’s fearless.

Then he meets Jamie. A power blackout strands them in his Manhattan penthouse, fifty stories above the city streets. Jaimie is there by mistake. She’s an unwanted guest and Zach, newly returned from a dark mission, isn’t in the mood for company.  Until she’s in his arms. They have one amazing night together, but when morning comes, Jaimie is gone. Zach tells himself he’s over her. Jaimie tells herself she’s over him. They’re both lying to themselves and they’re going to discover that the hard way, when her life is in danger and only he can protect her.

It’s time for Jaimie and Zach to face the greatest risk of all—the hot passion that ignites between them and quickly turns into an unquenchable flame.

Thoughts:  This book was not quite what I was expecting, and the storyline is a bit more complicated that the blurb reveals.  Jaimie and Zach meet under less than ideal circumstances – Jaimie is under the false impression the Zach is interested in selling his penthouse (an ideal encouraged by her boss), and Zach never had any intention of selling his it.  Due to some miscommunications, Jamie believes they have an appointment to go over the details and look at the penthouse.  Unfortunately, this idea is completely new to Zach!  Only before she can leave they end up trapped together – and the sparks start flying!  They have a spectacular night, but Jaimie is gone when he wakes up.  In a surprising turn of events, some new details are revealed to Zach and he decides not to go after her.  However, when Jaimie is targeted by a stalker, her brother calls in his old buddy Zach to do some undercover investigation.  But Jaimie is under the impression he has come looking for her.  When she discovers his secret, will it ruin the relationship they have begun to build?

The best part of the book was the passion between Jaimie and Zach.  By far, these were the scenes that really stood out.  The story itself was good, but there were a few things that didn’t have me clamoring to finish it.  Zach himself, was rather cold and….well, emotionless for the most part – except when it came to their sexual compatibility.  I did enjoy the whole Wilde family for the most part, but the way that their scenes fit within the story just didn’t seem to gel with me for some reason – except toward the end.

My main complaint though is that is just seemed a little two-dimensional.  I didn’t really get drawn into the story, or caught up in the feelings of the characters.  It was fine, but you felt like you were on the outside looking in instead of being intertwined with the plot line and the characters.  Usually I am a fan of Marton’s books but this one was a bit of a flat read, and one that just seemed to be lacking a little something.

Rate:  B-


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