Jane Vows Vengeance by Michael Thomas Ford

Title: Jane Vows Vengeance

Series: Jane Austen, Vampire bk 3

Author: Michael Thomas Ford

Genre: Paranormal Historical

How will Jane Austen break the news to her fiancé that she’s not only undead, but also a two-hundred-plus-year-old literary icon?
In sleepy upstate New York, Jane’s wedding preparations have taken on a bloodsucking intensity. So when Walter suggests they ditch it all and combine their marriage and honeymoon with a house tour of Europe, Jane jumps at the chance to flee Lord Byron and the lingering threat of Charlotte Brontë. But to Jane’s chagrin, more than one secret from her past is about to resurface.

From an Agatha Christie–style murder mystery to a wedding interrupted by the ghosts of the Princes in the Tower to a shocking revelation about Walter’s mother, nothing about this trip is less than pure mayhem. And when a chance encounter puts Jane on the trail of a legendary device reputed to restore a vampire’s human soul, will our beloved heroine finally be able to vow her love and devotion—or will a vampire hunter’s vengeance drive a stake through her eternal life?


Jane Vows Vengeance Is the last book in this trilogy. I can honestly say that even if you aren’t into the whole vampire thing, you will find something to like in this quirky series.
In Jane Vows Vengeance vampire Jane Austen who lives as a book store owner Jane Fairfax in Brackston, New York with her mortal fiancée Walter who also doesn’t she’s a vampire, decide to get married in England while Walter in o a European  architectural tour.


Joining them on their tour is Jane’s dear friend Lucy, Lucy’s boyfriend Ben, Walter’s mother Miriam and Miriam’s three legged Chihuahua Lilth. Miriam is the quintessential mother in law from hell. Miriam wants a grand child soon! If Jane can’t deliver soon, Miriam the vampire hunter will put an end to Jane.
Everything is perfect until her wedding day when Jane’s ex-husband Joshua makes an appearance. Jane completely forgot she was married, which is easy to do when their marriage ended over 100 years ago. Walter is not too pleased to hear Jane’s secret and is rethinking if he even wants to marry her.

But Jane hopes she can fix everything by finding the mythical Crispin’s Needle, which will turn a vampire back to a human. If she can find this needle in time, Walter will never need to know her secret. But there is someone out there who doesn’t want Jane to get this needle. Could it be a return of Jane’s nemesis, vampire Charlotte Bronte?

This was such a fun series to read.

Grade A


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