Just Right

Just Right

by Erin Nicholas

To be a good bad boy you have to find just the right girl…

ER nurse Jessica Bradford is a good girl. Okay, more like a reformed bad girl, determined to be the woman her late father wanted her to be. And she’s sworn off bad boys. Definitely. Instead she wants someone like Dr. Ben Torres: responsible, dedicated, selfless. The tall, dark and handsome part is just a bonus.

What a difference twenty-four hours can make. Yesterday Ben was incredibly handsome, too sexy for words and definitely one of the good guys. Now he’s just incredibly handsome and too sexy for Jessica’s own good. Yet she still wants him like ice cream wants hot fudge.

Ben’s done being everybody’s hero. What’s being a trauma surgeon ever gotten him but late hours, patients who don’t remember his name and a whole lot of frustration? He can’t even seduce Jessica, and her bright red thong, because of work rules. So he quits. Or to be more exact, gets suspended.

Jessica can’t believe Ben is acting more like a kid in a candy store than a man who’s about to throw his career away. When she’s manipulated into babysitting him, she does her best to keep him out of trouble—except “trouble” is all Ben’s interested in. And suddenly Jessica’s having trouble remembering why that’s a bad thing…

Warning: Contains hot love in a store dressing room and in the front seat of a car—at the expense of a very nice strawberry patch, unfortunately—oh, and hooker boots. Can’t forget the hooker boots.

I had the privilege of meeting Erin at RomCon and she was so nice and fun to spend time with, she immediately sent us a copy of her book Just Right and I finally had the opportunity to read it. I fell in love with it! A good story about the struggle with the expectations with oneself and with others and learning to love someone no matter what, even it you think they can do something better.

You will not be disappointed with Ben & Jessica’s story and you will want to run out and get the next book about Sam “Just Like That”. Good beginnings to a wonderful new series.

rating 4 of 5


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  1. Lori

    I really liked both books. I'll be looking for more from her in the future.


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