Lane Changes by S.L. Ellis

61tvW4GH9YL._SL1500_Title:  Lane Changes

Series:  Cassie Cruise Mysteries Book #1

Author:  S.L. Ellis

Genre:  Contemporary

Blurb:  Cassie Cruise wants her life back as a kick-ass P.I. Trouble is, she has zero credibility since bungling a case on reality TV. After a public tantrum, she slinks off to bury her head in the sandy beaches of Southwest Florida. Just as she starts over as the owner of The Big Prick Tattoo Shop, a body is discovered in the trunk of her burning car. Cassie’s aware there are those who’d get in line for their turn to torch her car. But murder?

You don’t have to like her, but you damn well better respect her. And get out of her way—this is one case she intends to solve, with or without an audience.

Thoughts:  Well, honestly I was not a fan of the main character, and it was just an okay read for me. I didn’t find Cassie anywhere near a ‘kick-ass’ P.I. that she is supposed to come across as….if anything I found her a bit scatterbrained, annoying, and not tough at all. I didn’t really like Cassie that much at all really, and that is a crucial factor for me in these kinds of books. Additionally, there were also so many sub-plots and side stories going on that it just disrupted the flow of the story overall for me and made it difficult to get through the book.

The saving grace? The mystery aspect of it was what really kept it going, and that is what really held it together for me and kept me reading. Having to know the ‘who done it?’ of it all drove me crazy, and that part of it was more evenly paced throughout the book – never giving too much away, always giving you enough to just manage to keep you guessing. All in all, an enjoyable ‘who dun’ it’ mystery.

Rate:  C


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