Lane Changes (Cassie Cruise Mysteries) (Volume 1) by S.L. Ellis

TiLaneChangestle: Lane Changes

Series: Cassie Cruise Mysteries, Volume 1

Blurb: Cassie Cruise wants her life back as a kick-ass private investigator. Trouble is, she has zero credibility since bungling a case on reality TV. After a public tantrum, she slinks off to bury her head in the sandy beaches of Southwest Florida. Just as she starts over as the owner of The Big Prick Tattoo Shop, a body is discovered in the trunk of her burning car. Cassie’s aware there are those who’d get in line for their turn to torch her car. But murder? You don’t have to like her, but you damn well better respect her. And get out of her way–this is one case she intends to solve, with or without an audience.

Thoughts: For a fun mystery with just enough clues this is the right book for you. This is a great story and a good start for new author S.L. Ellis. I’d be interested to see how the series progresses. Cassie’s character is brash but fun to read. You have your character to hate Loretta aka Tillie and you have the Del, the detective who helps Cassie feel vindicated and he does the right thing who is also a mama’s boy but someone you can’t help but love. Then you have the boyfriend who should be supportive but isn’t and then there is her best friend Lane who’s personality changes at the drop of a hat hence the title ‘Lane Changes’. Then of course you have to have the family drama in the case it’s her mom with the issues and the love hate relationship. Overall the book has all the right elements to keep you turning the page and wanting to know what comes next. Overall I enjoyed the story and the book.

Grade: A


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