Let Me Be The One by Christina Maurice

cover74977-mediumTitle:    Let Me Be The One
Series:  Drawn to the Rhythm Book #4
Author:  Christina Maurice
Genre:  Romance

Blurb:   A little matchmaking mischief… She’s the girl of his dreams, but she belongs to another man. Still, that doesn’t stop rock star Brian Ellis from standing by Suzi’s side when she needs him most. Or offering her a strong shoulder to lean on when her relationship crashes and burns. But will Brian get burned by the beautiful writer when Suzi goes back to the man she believes she loves? Suzi has always had a crush on Brian, which doesn’t mean she’s ready to risk everything for the sake of a fling. Yet the more time she spends with him, helping the sexy single dad with his kids, she knows there’s more between them than simmering sensual tension. An invitation to join him in the sweet mountain town of Potterville, West Virginia, may be too tempting to resist. But how can Suzi give her heart when she’s already promised herself to another?

Thoughts:  Let me just say the premise of this book was a good one….I wanted to like this story I really, really did.  For the most part, I did find it enjoyable.  I mean I liked the romance between the two main characters, Brian and Suzi.  I liked both of their characters.  I liked the storyline – the blurb alone was enough to reel me in.  I even liked the ‘world’ the author created for the most part.  I just didn’t like the way that it was written. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am not taking anything away from the author, or saying that she is not a great writer – just that the way it was written for this particular book did not appeal to me as a reader.  Also, keep in mind, this is book four and I have only read this one book by the author – which could play a role here, however, I did not get that feeling that I missed out on so much that it affected my enjoyment of the book.  My main issues were the bouncing back and forth between viewpoints of the characters and the sheer number of names of all the various characters that confused me a little at times.  For example, I could get bouncing back and forth with Suzi and Brian’s viewpoints – I have read a number of books that did just that.  However, also thrown in was Suzi’s ‘boyfriend’ Logan – which kind of annoyed me and something I found to be totally unnecessary.  Also the blurb says that ‘Suzi has always had a crush on Brian’.  Uhm, that sort of felt to me to be really stretching the truth.  Sure, there was a connection, but a crush is a bit of an overstatement.  I certainly did not get a major impression of unrequited passion, or a lifelong love story from these characters.  I just did not feel it.  I would say the ‘romance’ was very mild for these two all throughout the book.  And the names!  At the very beginning there are so many names!  Toss in Logan’s viewpoint, and I felt very confused and that I might have stepped into the wrong book!

However, if asked about whether I would read a book by this author again?  I sure would give her books another try…J

Rate:  B-


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