Let’s have some fun…Dare to Love by Carly Phillips blog tour + giveaways

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We love doing fun things with Carly Phillips and her book releases. To date we’ve done, an author interview, three character interviews and a word association interview. So with the release of her first self-published book Dare to Love we thought we’d do something fun. We’ve teamed up with Blogging by Liza and Heather Lire for a Carly Phillips scavenger hunt. Here’s how this will work, you have to search TBRG site AND Carly’s site  for the questions to some questions about Carly. You will then need to head over to Heather Lire’s site and put the answers in the Rafflecopter there. Then you need to watch Blogging with Liza’s site for her post and scavenger hunt questions, armed with those questions you head back over to Heather Lire’s site and finish answering the questions in the Rafflecopter. At the end of the tour we’ll chose a winner to win a set of one of Carly’s series. *Note: The questions from Liza are in the Rafflecopter however the answers won’t post until she posts them.

Sound like fun? I thought so. To help you out I’ll even tell you which

So here goes…

1. What Day-Time Talk Show chose The Bachelor as its book club book? (Carly)

2. What did Mike Marsden say was his favorite thing to do? (TBRG be specific)

3. What did Dare Barron’s say was his guilty pleasure? (TBRG)

4. What does Carly have on in the background when she’s writing? (TBRG)

5. Which of Carly’s series would she like to see made into a movie? (TBRG)

6. Who is Carly’s literary hero? (TBRG)

7. Which one of Carly’s heroes was Heather’s top hero of the year? (TBRG)

8. Where is Carly’s favorite place to buy wallets? (Carly)

9. What is Carly’s motto? (Carly)

The rest of the questions will be on Blogging by Liza on the last day of the tour.

On top of our giveaway there is a huge giveaway from Carly for following her tour. There are some awesome giveaways.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  1. Barrie Mac

    Love the idea of the Scavenger Hunt! Awesome of you guys to do this! 🙂


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