Lily’s List by N.J. Walters

cover90337-mediumTitle:    Lily’s List

Series:  Summersville Secrets Book #3

Author:  N.J. Walters

Genre:  Romance

Blurb:   Ready to explore her fantasies . . .

When Lily Summers was left to raise her son alone, she threw herself into her work as a florist and secretly began writing erotic romance novels. Relying solely on fantasies about the impossibly sexy Carson Granger for material, the single mom has a long list of sexual scenarios she needs to research to make her stories catch fire. When Carson discovers the list and offers some hands-on help, Lily’s immediately aroused by his primal power and the elemental attraction that ignites between them, but she’s terrified of surrendering control to a man she’s wanted for so long, especially one who’s younger than she is.

Desperate to show her so much more . . .

Carson always knew that Lily had shut herself off from men after a bad marriage, but he also knew the quietly sensuous florist had a secret side, and he wanted to be the man to tap into that reserve of passion. When he discovers her hidden wish list, he knows it’s his chance to initiate her into a world of sexual abandon before revealing a secret of his own. As they indulge in each new item on Lily’s list, she can’t deny the burning desire and need beating inside her, and with tender patience and sexual finesse, Carson is breaking down her barriers and drawing one step closer to turning her short-term explorations into a lifetime of devoted pleasure.

Thoughts:  I have been reading the Salvation Pack series by N.J. Walters for awhile now, just recently discovering other books by her that are not paranormal in nature.  (See my other reviews on Uncovering Annabelle and Enticing Emma)  As much as I love paranormal, with it being my typical go-to genre of choice, I have to admit that I enjoy her romance titles even more!  Lily’s list was almost perfect – we have two people who have been noticing each other for awhile, fighting their desire for each other, when sparks fly and they finally give in to what they have been resisting all along.  We have a romance that hot and steamy, bordering on erotic.  The writing was exceptional, with the author having the talent to really draw you in to the story and have you caught up in the characters and their emotions.  The only thing that would have made it even better is a little more length – the book was a bit on the short side, and I would have loved to have seen more from this story and these characters.

Loved it!

Rate:  A-/B+


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