Loose and Easy

(Steele Street bk 9)

Tara Janzen
Rating 5
Fall Reading Challenge: Read a Series Book

He’s the bad boy she always wanted.

She’s the good girl that got away.
He’d know her anywhere.
Johnny Ramos had just come off a tour of duty in Afghanistan to find Esmee Alden trolling the mean streets of Denver in red lace and leather. The smartest girl he ever knew turning tricks? Not even close. Esmee’s in danger so deep, only Johnny can get her out—which is why the elite government operative is shadowing her every move. Esmee had everything planned down to the last detail: dressed in disguise, she’d recover a stolen painting and pay off her dad’s ruthless bookie. Until Johnny Ramos, her high school crush, blows into town and nearly blows her cover. Now Esmee, a P.I. and an art- recovery expert, has a mother lode of bad guys on her trail…including the one bad boy she always wanted: Johnny. But passion will have to wait. Because when bullets start flying, suddenly they’re on the run, playing it fast and loose—and heading straight into the line of fire.…

REVIEW: I knew that I was going to be reading this book as soon as I saw it on her website. You first meet Johnny Ramos as a teen-ager in CRAZY HOT, the first book and he is mentioned here and there in the other books, so when I saw that he was finally going to get his story I was excited. On the day it was released I began hunting the bookstores and NOT ONE had it, I finally went to the library and they had a copy so I got it there. Then I let it sit on my nightstand for a couple of days for numerous reasons, 1) I was to tired at night to read because of the move, 2) I had been disappointed in bk 6 in the series and had reluctantly read books 7 & 8 and was glad to see her get back in the swing of things. So I FINALLY started reading the book yesterday, and this afternoon when I should have been doing homework and lesson plans I laid on my bed and read Johnny’s story. As soon as I was done I wanted to read it again, only this time starting with book 1 and making my way towards book 9 and Johnny. I LOVED it. It was Tara at her best and she brought back all of the things that made me love her in the beginning. This a book that I say everyone should read, Johnny is ALPHA to the extreme and Esme is no whimp and can definitely hold her own, and the sex is OMG HOT!!! My husband knows that when I am reading her he is getting lucky.

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