Lords of Avalon Series by Kinley MacGregor

Sword of Darkness bk 1

In the darkest forest…

A scared, forsaken youth has become the most powerful –– and feared –– man in the world. Ruthless and unrestrained, Kerrigan has long ceased to be human.

In the heart of London…

A spirited peasant mired in drudgery, Seren dreams of becoming her own woman, but never expects that by fleeing her fate, she will meet her destiny.

Their worlds are forever changed…

Kerrigan’s goal is simple: barter or kill Seren to claim Arthur’s Round Table. Yet she is the one person who holds no fear of him. More than that, her nobility sparks something foreign inside him. In his nether realm, kindness is weakness and a king who harbors any sort of compassion loses his throne.

For countless centuries, Kerrigan has lived alone in the shadows. Now Seren’s courage has forced him into the light that will bring either salvation to both of them…or death.

Knight of Darkness bk 2

Wisdom to the darkest side of Camelot…
For countless centuries, I’ve been the assassin for the infamous Merlin, even though the woman who birthed me sits at the right hand of our enemy, Morgen le Fey. Now both my mother and Morgen have decided that it’s time I take my place on their side of this conflict.

Normally, telling them no wouldn’t be a problem, except for the fact that the good guys I protect think that I’m an even worse demon than the ones we fight. Hmm, maybe they’re right. I have to say that I do enjoy maiming anyone who gets in my way.

At least until my mother gives me a simple choice: join Morgen’s Circle of the Damned or see an innocent woman die. I’m all for saving the innocent, but Merewyn isn’t as innocent as she seems. And she’s none too fond of the fact that her fate is in my dubious hands. Personally I’m all for taking the easy way out, but leaving her to Morgen is rough, even for me. Now the only way to save both our lives is to face the evilest forces ever known-;my mother and Morgen. And two people who know nothing of trust must learn to rely on each other or die: provided we don’t kill each other first.

REVIEW: I absolutely love this series..I haven’t read them in a long time, so the other day as I was getting ready for my bath and going over all the books on my bookshelves I decided to read the Sword of Darkness, and remembered why I loved this series.

Sword of Darkness – there was just something about Kerrigen and Seren that just reached out and touched you. I loved how no matter what Kerrigen did, Seren knew that deep down there was good in him. She never lost faith in him, even when he tried to drive her away. Add in the sarcastic comments of Blaise a mandrake, that you have no clue whether he is good or bad.

Knight of Darkness – Varian has got to be one of my all time favorite heros. Here is a man that has perfected the image of a badass. He claims to not care about anyone but himself, and relishes fighting and causing mayhem. We soon realize that it is all a facade that he has created due to the people that have been around him his entire life. Merewyn, is a woman that learns the hard way that it is what is on the inside that counts. When they are thrown together along with Blaise, it is one thing after another.

I think the thing that I liked about this series, is that it all about what is one the inside, and that you can overcome anything with the right incentive. I also love most things Arthurian, at least those where Geneviere isn’t a weak-willed woman, but rather a strong woman with strong convictions, and where Lancelot didn’t betray his best friend.

If you love King Arthur, and his Knights than you will love this series, however it is not your usual story.

Sword of Darkness is 4.5 out of 5
Knight of Darkness is 4.5 out of 5



  1. Cindy W

    Another series I need to read!!!

  2. Heather's Books

    Yes you do…there is a book in this series coming out this year..


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