Master of Sin by Maggie Robinson

Title: Master of Sin

Series: The Courtesan Court Series bk 4

Author: Maggie Robinson

Genre: Historical Romance

Andrew Rossiter has used his gorgeous body and angelic face for all they’re worth—shocking the proper, seducing the willing, and pleasuring the wealthy. But with a young son depending on him for rescue, suddenly discretion is far more important than desire. He’ll have to quench his desires—fast. And he’ll have to find somewhere his scandalous reputation hasn’t yet reached…

Miss Gemma Peartree seems like a plain, virginal governess—or so she hopes. No matter how many sparks fly between them, she has too much to hide to catch Andrew’s eye. But with a stormy Scottish winter driving them together, it will be hard to keep her secrets. Especially when Andrew feels he has found the woman who can restore his soul—one kiss at a time…

Maggie Robinson is a new to me author and I was excited to start this book of her’s. The title alone meant wicked and fun things right? I hate to say it but the book was very lacking for me.

There wasn’t one specific thing but a combination of things.

The Hero: Andrew Rossiter I soooo wanted to like him, but really found no redeeming qualities in him. He came across as a woe is me person who was suddenly thrown into a situation that he wasn’t prepared for and while he he wants to do what is the right thing he does nothing but moan and complain about it.

The Heroine: Gemma Peartree, the first time she showed up I went yeah a woman of spunk and then it kind of petered out for me. While I normally like heroines who know what they want and go after it, for some reason it just felt very forced to me. She tried to hard.

I really tried to like this book, to the point where I would read and then skim a bit to see if it got better and it never did for me. I did manage to make to the end of the book and I have to say that I really hated the way the conflict between everyone was resolved it felt very forced.

There was so much potential in this book and it all fell flat.

Grade D



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