Much Ado About Bachelors by Caitlyn Blue

Title: Much Ado About Bachelors

Series:  Windy City Bachelors Book #2

Author:  Caitlyn Blue



BlurbDrama teacher Sarah Callahan has been falling for Harrison Academy’s hot, new chemistry teacher since the first day of school. Unfortunately, this sexy nerd has a policy against dating coworkers after his relationship with a teacher at his former school crashed and burned. So what do you do when you’re hot for teacher? Pretend to be drunk so he’ll take advantage of you of course.

Reed Barron has done a great job resisting the beautiful, quirky Sarah. Then comes the night she parties a little too hard and begs him to kiss her. How’s a guy supposed to hold out against…begging? Chemistry like theirs doesn’t happen every day, but Reed isn’t going to give their romance a chance. He’s learned that when things get too intense, it’s safer to retreat.

Armed with Shakespearean quotes and a Goldendoodle puppy, Sarah is determined to teach Reed how to open his heart. But when he’s offered the opportunity of a lifetime to teach abroad, it looks like she might lose him—and their shot at love—forever.

Thoughts:  This just wasn’t my favorite from this series.  I just could not connect with Sarah’s character at all, and found her a little quirky.  I really did not like a lot of the manipulations that she reduced herself to, even more so since she was his friend first which implies some trust in that relationship.  And we aren’t talking a more innocent type of maneuvering either – like a makeover to try to get his attention, or pretending an attraction to someone else.  We are talking an all out manipulation, which turned me of the book completely.  I enjoyed books one and two, but this one just wasn’t one I enjoyed.  I’ll be curious to see how some of the other characters – ones I haven’t particularly liked so far – fare when they get books of their own!

Rate:  C


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