My Forbidden Desire/giveaway

My Forbidden Desire

My Series bk 2

Carolyn Jewel

Published: June 2009

I was handed this book at RomCon and told that I had to read it. It took me a while to get to it, but I finally got the tbr pile down to this book and I am now wishing that it had been higher in my pile.

From the moment I started reading this book I couldn’t put it down. The world and characters that Ms. Jewel has created with this series is one of best paranormal worlds that I have ever read. She has created a world that exists within the normal world, and blended them very well. This book has it all, sexual chemistry, action, snarky comments and bad ass male characters.

Torn Between. . .

Alexandrine Marit is a witch in mortal danager. An evil mage craves the powerful, mysterious talisman that supplies her magic, and the only person who can keep her alive is a dark and dangerous fiend called Xia. With his fierce animosity toward witches, he’s hardly the ideal bodyguard. Yet as days turn into nights, she can’t deny the white-hot passion between them.

Desire and Temptation . . .

Xia hates witches. They enslave and mercilessly kill his kind. But he’s been ordered to protect Alexandrine, who, to his surprise, has a spirit he admires and a body he longs to possess. With the mage and his henchmen closing in, Alexandrine and her protector must trust the passion that can unite them . . . or risk losing everything to the enemies who can destroy them both.

When we first meet Alexandrine she is watching the brother that she has thought was dead for 10 years pace in her living room. What she never expected was that with the return of her brother her life would change dramatically.

Xia is one bad a** mother. If you don’t believe me just ask him. He has a hard on for all things witch and not in a good. He can’t figure out why he likes Alexandrine so much. It sure isn’t because she is a witch.

The action of this book takes place over a short time period but I loved it. It was intense and snarky and just all around great. The chemistry between these two was awesome. The antagonism between them was great. Okay the whole book was just plan great. I am now on the hunt to find the first book in this series and also to wait till the next book comes out.

Grade: A

Now comes the fun part. I have an extra copy of this book and one lucky commenter will win this book. All you have to do is a leave a comment telling us what you like most about paranormal romances.



  1. Erin E.

    Good morning! This sounds like a fun book! I like paranormal romances for a couple reasons, one is that I am a romantic at heart, I just love HEAs! The second is for the escapism aspect, I just love the alternate worlds and characters, it is so much fun to think about how interesting it would be to have some of the stuff in real life. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Johanna Jochum

    I just started reading paranormal romances. I like them because they are little more edgy and exciting. They can be a more sexy because it is a fantasy to start with. I Love the fobidden and dangerous side the paranormal stories have to offer! Thanks for sharing

  3. Heather-admin

    Erin aren’t paranormals amazing!That is one of the reasons I love them.

    @Johanna if you are just getting into paranormals then you can’t go wrong with this one. Also check out some of the authors from the paranormal post.

  4. Johanna Jochum

    Heather, I have added so many books to my notebook from suggestions here. Thanks for feeding my addiction! LOL!

  5. Heather-admin

    Johanna, well I am glad that I can feed your addiction.

  6. SonomaLass

    Heather, I was a latecomer to paranormal romance, and Carolyn Jewel was my gateway drug! I like her historical romances so much that I went out on a limb with her paranormals and got hooked. I was sad that she had no new book out in this series this year, but there are two scheduled for 2011. Yay!!

    Don’t enter me in your contest, though, as I already have this book. I hope the lucky winner enjoys it as much as I did.

  7. Erin E.

    Heather, I know! The characters are just awesome and I swear I find a new author everyday that I fall in love with!

  8. KimberG

    I was hooked on @cjewel from the moment I read the first in the series (My Wicked Enemy – hope you get your hands on it soon!). Great descriptions, hot fiends, great tension. Can’t wait for the next two – 2011 will be a good book year. 🙂

    I love paranormal romance since it takes you completely out of the world, fantasy from line one, without (usually) all the cliches of true fantasy, and without all the techno-babble of true sci-fi. Easy to get lost in it.

  9. admin (Post author)


    I did finally get my hands on it, and I will tell you that I also got an ARC of the next book and can hardly wait to post my review of it.

    Have you checked out Nalini Singh yet? I think that she is my all time fave ff&p author. I have so many that are auto buys for me that I lose track sometimes.

  10. Kim miller

    Like I mentioned before I am new to paranormal so I haven’t read many of them, I do love picturing the way the world would be like, but more than that I life that they are so unpredictable because anything goes!


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