My Immortal Assassin *giveaway*

My Immortal Assassin
My Series bk 3

Carolyn Jewel

Carolyn Jewel is a master storyteller. The world that she has created is in this reviewers humble opinion one of the best in the paranormal and romance genre. The conflict between the fiends and the mages is a perfect combination. The hero and heroine are a perfect complement to each other.

One of the best things about Carolyn’s characters is that they are not perfect people. They have issues, and they impact everything that they do, and how they behave to each other and those around them.

Revenge. It’s all Grayson Spencer wants. Christophe dit Menart, a human with dark magical powers, destroyed the life she loved. She wants the pleasure of killing him, no matter the cost to her. If not for Durian, a dangerously sexy demon fiend charged with keeping Christophe alive, she would have succeeded, too. Now, she’s certain all hope is gone. But he has a plan and an offer she can’t resist…

Durian has spent his life as a trained and sanctioned assassin. His duty: to enforce the laws against demons harming humans. He’s always prided himself on staying out of the fray, carrying out his orders and honoring his fealty to his warlord, but never getting attached. Never until Grayson, a spunky and determined woman clearly gifted with magic herself. He convinces her to swear fealty to him so he can protect her and teach her to use her magic to taste the revenge she so desperately wants.

They’re soon bound together in a forbidden desire–a dangerous passion that calls into question Durian’s oath of loyalty to his warlord. When he refuses to return her to Christophe, his disobedience threatens to inflame the tumultuous war between demons and the magekind. Can they–and their love–survive?

Durian is a fiend that was a slave to a mage, until he was freed by Alexandrina and Xia. He is a warlord that owes his fealty to Nikodemus, and the peace that he is working on between the mages and the fiends.

Gray wants only to kill the mage that took away her life, and killed her sister. She is also dealing with all the new magic flowing thru her.

What neither of the expected was each other and the feelings that they have for each other.

One of the things that I like best about Carolyn’s books this one included is that for most of the book the hero and heroine are completely alone. It is all them, dealing with what each other is and coming to terms with the feelings that they have for each other. There are other characters in the book, because a book with just a hero and heroine would be rather boring, but the way that she combines the two makes you want to keep coming back for more.

If you like a great paranormal story with a great romance and excellent characters than I recommend picking up this series. I do have to say that this is one series that does need to be read in order or you will feel lost about what is going on with the mages and fiends.

Grade A

**Two lucky commenter’s will receive a copy of this book, courtesy of Carolyn**



  1. Eva Coppersmith

    Sounds absolutely wonderful. Would love to win and read. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

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  3. Elizabeth Beechwood

    Loved “My Forbidden Desire” — can’t wait to (win?) and read this one!

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  5. Steph Brown

    I follow Carolyn on Twitter. She’s great there, too.

  6. LoriA

    I just discovered this series, so, yeah, I’ll take a chance on winning. 😉

  7. admin (Post author)

    Ladies, you will love this book. That is all I am saying 🙂

  8. Edna

    I enjoy books that have the H/Hr alone as well. Count me in, please.

  9. heather d

    Hi, This book sounds really good! Count me in please. Thanks for holding the giveaway and giving such a great review!

  10. Lindsey Ekland

    I have been waiting for this book and love the first two. Will read it in one sitting.

  11. melanie - admin

    Congrats Eva & Edna you are the winners of Carolyn’s book!

  12. Mary

    Any recommendation u gals give is a definite winner in my ‘book’. Hehe…. Pun intended. Hope whoever wins will enjoy as much as I would….(hint hint 😉 )


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