My Immortal Highlander

My Immortal Highlander

Hannah Howell and Lynsay Sands

As identical twins, Bothan and Calum MacNachton share a bond stronger than most brothers, one forged by a terrible secret. Rumours and dark tales have been whispered about their clan for centuries. For they roam the Highlands at night, driven by a savage hunger that can never be sated. Their only hope lies in marriage to Outsiders, mortal women whose pure blood will weaken the hold of their eternal curse. Now, alone and on the hunt for their brides, Bothan and Calum are at the mercy of both the Outsiders and whatever new dangers love brings…

Kenna Brodie and Sarra DeCourcey know what it is to stand apart. As strong, proud women, they are determined to prove themselves to their clan no matter what it takes. They’ve heard the terrible, whispered warnings, but nothing could prepare them for the handsome brothers whose fierce, unyielding desires are beyond any legend…What Bothan and Calum promise is a life unlike any Kenna and Sarra have ever known. Now, as battle lines are drawn and love’s most dangerous secrets are revealed, Kenna and Sarra must choose whether to betray their dark lords or stand and fight for a passion that will never die…

REVIEW: This book was read as part of the Rom Con Reading Challenge. The author that this book was read for is Hannah Howell. Now I am not normally a Hannah Howell fan, and I love Lynsay Sands, so I was not very excited to read Hannah’s portion and very excited to read Lynsay’s portion.

If someone would have told me that I would love Hannah’s book and only liked Lynsay’s book, I would have laughed at them. But that is what happened.

Being who they are Botham and Calum can’t leave a woman in trouble to fend for themselves, no matter how they might grumble and that is exactly how they meet Kenna and Sarra.

Botham and Kenna (Hannah’s) are both looking for something. Botham is looking for a woman that will accept him for what he truly is and also have a large dowry to help his family. Kenna is looking for a place to hide from her very evil uncle, or someone to help her oust him from what is rightfully hers.

Botham decides that they are an answer to each other’s dilemma and proposes that they help each other. Kenna reluctantly agrees.

I loved how these two interacted with each other. They both felt the chemistry from the moment that they met, and tried to deny it. Each afraid for different reasons to let someone in and trust them. As they come to know and trust each other they each recognize their feelings for the other however they are both afraid to admit it. I really liked how the conflict and the relationship developed between these two.

Calum and Sarra (Lynsay) were two people that really really didn’t like the emotions that were invoked by the other, and they fought it tooth and nail until the moment when they both realized they it was useless. In this story however I felt like there were two secondary characters that really stole the book. Sarra’s father and Calum’s horse. Everytime they were in the story you had to laugh at their antics. This one is worth reading just for those two.

Over all I have to give this book a 4 out of 5.



  1. Rowena

    You know, I've had this book sitting in my TBR pile for a long time now. I haven't read either of the authors which is why I'm so scared to start it. Good review, it's made me mighty curious!

  2. Heather

    You have never read a Lynsay Sands? How? Why? I know that Casee and Holly have as I just saw a Lynsay Sands book reviewed on your sight.

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