Nalini Challenge Update

So as most of you know Heather had issued me a challenge to read 3 Nalini books by the middle of March, which was quickly followed up by many people trying to convince me to accept including Nalini herself.   So after much peer pressure I caved 🙂 and decided to read Slave to Sensation, have to admit I did so reluctantly at first and was no way going to tell Heather my feelings about any of it until I was done (can you say stubborn, well that’s me).

Proud to say I have completed the challenge, 3 books read all before I even needed to.  Bet you want to know what I think?

The journey began with Slave to Sensation, you know I had actually borrowed this book years ago and never read it in fact I think it sat on my bookshelf for a few months before I sent it back, I know the shock and horror of it all.  This go round I was going to try things a little differently – Thank You Kindle!  And here goes, I got sucked into Lucas & Saschas story and loved it every bit of it.  Although I did not want to get too excited, I knew there were more books and in my experience they either get better or you quickly get bored.  So as soon as I finished I got Visions of Heat and started Vaughn & Faiths story, have to say I did not enjoy this one as much.  I liked how you learned so much about the Psy world and was a good foundation story but it was just lacking a little something for me.  Next up Caressed By Ice, I think I offended Heather with my comment on this one but honestly I thought it was kind of predictable.  It was a good story but I figured out what was going to happen in the very beginning of the book.  That did not make me not like it any less but it is not one of my favorites.

So of the 3 that I have read Slave to Sensation is the one I enjoyed most, probably because it was new and the beginning of everything.  Will I continue the series?  Yeah I will, in fact Mine to Possess is on my Kindle right now and will be read as soon as I get through some of my review books.


So thank you all for encouraging me to give this series a try.



  1. katiebabs

    Wait until you meet Lucas. He’s my favorite (behind Kaleb) Nalini hero. And Slave to Sensation is still my favorite book by hers.

    Can’t wait to see what you think!

  2. Lisa Hutson

    Good for you!! I always walk a little taller when I know I have completed a challenge!! Hope you do too!

  3. Kim Miller

    It is so funny to me how everyone has different opinions on the books and which one is their favorite, Slave to Sensation is one of my least fave because it felt too erotica for me and caressed by ice is one of my faves because I loved that it wasn’t all about sex but there was more of a story line to it.

  4. Aurian

    I am glad you do like the books. In my humble opinion, the books only get better, and the overall storyline is getting more and more unpredictable.

    Will you also start with her Archangels? Talking about original storylines!


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