Nora Roberts

January’s spotlight author is Nora Roberts…

If you read romance books than you have heard the name Nora Roberts, she has been called the most popular and published romance author ever. With almost 200 books published I would have to agree. She has been writing since 1981, her first book published was Irish Thoroughbred for Silhouette Books. Nora also writes the Eve Dallas detective novels under the name J.D. Robb.

All of the following information I got from Nora’s website

Nora began her writing career when she was stuck at home during a snowstorm with 2 small children. She began writing as a way to stay sane and boy am I glad she did. Over the years she has gone from writing solely for Silhouette to writing full novels. She has created characters that are rich and well loved (at least by me).

Come back this month for more on Nora Roberts and her books…..



  1. Heather D

    Nora is a great author to start the new year of Author Spotlights! I may have started reading romance with Virginia Henley but Nora Roberts is the author that definitely kept me reading!

    One year, not too long after we started dating, my husband wanted to buy me a Mother's Day gift for my daughter so they went to the book store and bought me the three in one hardcover of the Dream trilogy. He only knew that I loved reading romance and had no idea which author to buy for me. How he managed to pick Nora out of so many great authors is beyond me, but he knows that if he ever wants to chance buying me a book again that Nora Roberts is a safe bet.

    I can't wait to see what you have in store for us over the month!

  2. Heather

    Thanks Heather, my husband doesn't buy me Nora as I have all her books, unless he is buying me a new release…

    Stay tuned I have lots of fun things planned this month.

  3. librarypat

    She has written so many wonderful books. Her short ones are fun for a quick, enjoyable read. Her full length novels have complex characters and well done plots. When she does a trilogy you get to enjoy her characters that much longer.


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