Nothing Between Us by Roni Loren

nothing between usTitle: Nothing Between Us
Series: Loving on the Edge bk 6
Author: Roni Loren
Author: Erotic Romance/Contemporary

Unlike the heroine of her popular thriller series, Georgia Delaune can’t afford to take risks or push sexual boundaries—unless you count spying through her neighbor’s bedroom window, and never missing a single move he makes.

Colby Wilkes is more than willing to put on a show for the alluring woman next door. But his dominant side aches to show her the pleasures of submission up close. As a counselor, Colby is sensitive to Georgia’s fears. As a Dom at The Ranch, a private BDSM retreat, he’s the perfect teacher to unleash her passion.

But just as Georgia lowers her emotional barriers, an unexpected complication arrives: a bad boy musician from Colby’s past who adds fuel to her heated imagination. Now, the lonely author has two gorgeous men eager to fulfill every fantasy she’s ever written—and one she’s never dared to dream.

Thoughts: I’m so enamored of this series I have no words. When it comes to writing freaking hot heroes, heroines who know their own mind and lots of yummy hot sex Roni Loren is at the top of the list.

Colby has been one of my favorite characters in this series and I’ve been super excited for this book ever since Roni announced. I have to say that it very much lives up to what we’ve come to expect with her characters.

What I love about Colby is that he isn’t perfect, and he knows it. He has flaws and tries really hard to make up for them. He’s reached a point in his life where all of his friends are getting married and he wants the same thing. But being a bi-sexual Dom isn’t exactly something he can put on an online dating website, which leaves him with a very small dating pool.

As it is the only woman who has interested him of late is neighbor.

When his life comes crashing down around him, he finds himself with way to much time on his hands to remember everything that he has done wrong in his life. He’s hit rock bottom and then the one person from his past he never thought to see again shows up in the last place he ever expected him to be in. It couldn’t have come at a better time for him because he is in desperate need of something good to happen in his life.

Georgia is one of those heroines where I wasn’t sure I was going to like, until I got to know her. Once I knew who she was I was less annoyed and actually started cheering for her. I have to be honest if I’d had the same thing happen to me that happened to her I doubt I would have been as put together as she was, not to say she wasn’t messed up.

Because of Colby’s profession she is able to let her guard down with him and is able to live out all the sexual fantasies she’s had ever since she started spying on him through his bedroom window. It isn’t long however before not only Colby but his housemate are both working to fulfill all of her sexual desires, and starting to fill up the parts of her soul she was afraid she’d lost forever.

Keats, oh the mad love I have for this young man. He comes into Colby and Georgia’s lives just when they all need something. He’s still struggling with his sexuality and his music. Being with Colby is a dream come true but also one that scares the crap out of him. He’s never been with a guy before.  Then’s there Georgia and the feelings she evokes in him. Combined they bring out feelings he’s never wanted to acknowledge.

Like all of Loren’s books this one is full of all sorts of angst, high emotions and dirty dirty sex. I enjoyed watching these three fall in love. I do have to admit though that a favorite character shows up in this book and his story is next, and I can’t wait for it.

Grade B+


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