Ocean’s of Fire

Christine Feehan

Seven sisters… and a legacy of magical secrets.
Called “the reigning queen of paranormal romance” by Publishers Weekly, New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan offers an imaginative blend of sensual romance, fast-paced adventure and the paranormal that has thrilled countless readers. Now, she tells the story of Abigail Drake, of the magical Drake sisters — seven elementally gifted sisters, and their prophecy of love…

As the third daughter in a magical bloodline, Abigail Drake was born with a mystical affinity for water, and possessed a particularly strong bond with dolphins. She spent her entire life studying them, learning from them, and swimming among them in the waters off her hometown of Sea Haven … Until the day Abby witnessed a cold-blooded murder on shore, and found herself fleeing for her life — right into the arms of Aleksandr Volstov. He’s an Interpol agent on the trail of stolen Russian antiquities, a relentless man who gets what he goes after — and the man who broke Abby’s heart. But he isn’t going to let the only woman he ever loved be placed in harm’s way — or slip away from his embrace…

OK I have to admit I am not a huge Christine Feehan fan like Heather is. I had read one of her other books and struggled through it, right now I can’t even remember what one it was. I am now at that point in the reading challenge where I have read all the other books that I had, so I asked Heather to pick out a book that she thinks I would like. She handed me this book because of her relationship with dolphins, I love dolphins, and told me to give it a try. Can’t say I did not like the book, it was good, I just struggled to get through it. Not quite sure what it is, could just be my reading mood – which changes all the time. Loved the scenes with her and the dolphins, of course, just wish there were more of them. I think after the challenge is done and we are back from RomCon I might read one of the other Drake series, Joley’s book sounds like it might be good. Not sold on her yet but still keeping myself open.

Have any of you read Christine Feehan? Love her or not?

Rating: 2 out of 5


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