One Night With Him by K.S Smith PLUS Interview and GIVEAWAY


I would like to thank K.S Smith for taking the time to do an exclusive Q&A session with us and offering up a copy of her book for a giveaway to one lucky reader!  But first, check out my thoughts on the title:

Title:  One Night With Him

Series:  N/A

Author:  K.S Smith

Genre:  Romance

BlurbReagan Larson has been dealt her fair share of tragedy, but each time she has come out on top. Her heart is callused, but she still has hope. She may be the last one of her sorority sisters to still be single, but she knows Mr. Right is out there. Reagan is ready to move forward with her life when the time is right, or so she thinks, unfortunately when love is staring her straight in the face she keeps finding ways to hide from it.
The last thing Cole Conrad is looking for is commitment. He is set in his bachelor ways and has no intentions of leaving them. Having any woman he desires at his fingertips is how he has always lived. Cole is used to playing by his rules, until he meets Reagan Larson, and for the first time -after what had to have been one of his most fulfilling evenings with a woman- he wakes up feeling alone and used.

Thoughts:  I had noticed this book making it’s rounds on Facebook for awhile, and already had it in the back of my head to read at some unnamed point in time.  When I noticed the author asking for any reviewers out there to read it in exchange for an honest review, I was quick to snatch it up.  And I’m really glad I did!  I really enjoyed the story and found it a entertaining read.  Now I have to admit that after I read it, I took a peek at what a few others were saying in regards to it – and I mention that because I feel the need to address a few of them in the review and give my take on it.

The author wastes no time jumping into the story – which I have to admit I like!  They meet at a bar, wind up in bed together, and – fate of all fates – wind up in circumstances that persist in throwing them together.  Is this a theme that has been done similarly before?  Yes.  Does that detract from the book for me?  Not at all.  I liked the authors version with One Night With Him, and contrary to another person’s critique that it went progressively downhill, I have to respectfully disagree.  For me, I thought that the story grew even more poignant and engaging the further along it progressed.  In the beginning, I found Reagan a bit a like an ostrich with her head in the sand – and a bit annoying, as well.  I grew quite exasperated at her continually acting out against Cole, even though she’s the one who left him in the empty bed.  She definitely had a tendency to twist everything around to make herself out to be the wronged party.  It’s not so glaring that you can’t enjoy the book however.  Her little idiosyncrasies are part of her personality, provides a good foil to Cole’s character, and adds a little extra something to the story itself.  Definitely gives Cole an opportunity to call her out when she’s being irrational and provides for some thoroughly entertaining moments!  He seems to a great contradiction to Reagan herself, and – to be honest – he really made the book for me!

All in all, this makes for a great read.  I can’t wait to pick up Fighting for Her, which will be told from Cole’s point of view.

Rate:  A


TBRG:  What was the first romance book that you read, and who are some of your favorite authors?

K.S:  I got back into reading when 50SOG came out.  I fell in love with Christian and kept reading from that point on.  Some of my favorite authors include Rachel Van Dyken, Megan C. Smith, Katy Evans and Cambria Herbert.

TBRG:  What is one of your guilty pleasure that you indulge in?

K.S:  Drinking wine, I tend to be freer when I have a little liquid courage in me, so my writing flows easier and I allow my characters to get a little crazier than I usually would.

TBRG:  When it comes to writing, are you a planner or a fly-by-the seat author?

K.S:  Definitely a fly by the seat of my pants author; I hate having a plan.  I have been asked so many times, how many words a day did you type when writing ONWH and my response is always….”crickets”! LOL. I am not the type of writer that can write every day, I have to do it as it comes to me.  Sometimes it comes to me every hour others it’s weeks before I can pick up where I left off.

TBRG:  Do any of the characters have traits that you yourself wish you had and if so, what traits would those be?

K.S:  I don’t think there is any character trait that I’d like to have from all of the ONWH characters.  But if I had to compare any of them to myself I’d say I am most like Addison, crazy and carefree, the life of the party kind of girl!

TBRG:  What inspired you to sit down and write One Night With Him?

K.S: Fellow Author, Megan C. Smith.  We were talking one day and ended up revealing that we both loved to write and wanted to write a book. So we met each week at Starbucks and traded notes, I came up with Reagan and Cole/ONWH and she came up with her characters and the rest is history.

TBRG:  What was your reaction to the first “official” review of your book?

K.S:  I cried, literally, tears of joy/excitement.  My first review was from a blogger who won an ARC and when her review came through I was speechless.  I think I must have forwarded her review to every single person who knew I’d written a book.  I still go back and read it every once in a while when I need some inspiration.

TBRG:  Has promoting your book been harder than you thought, and what would you recommend to other authors that are trying to get their names out there?

K.S:  I have to give all the credit to you Bloggers and of course, my fellow indie authors.  Networking is key, share your book with Bloggers/Authors and if they love it they will continue to share it.  We are a tight knit community and totally have each other’s backs.

TBRG:  I understand that you are working on Fighting for Her – the alternate point of view of One Night With Him that is being told from Cole’s POV.  What is one fact that you can reveal to us now that would get us even more hyped up for the next book?

K.S:  You WILL find out what really happened with Cole and Heather.

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