Paranormal Activity

When I first started reading romance books there was two genres, contemporary and historical. There were no ff&p books. Fast forward about 15 years and you have a couple of authors that finally publish ff&p romance, there were only a couple of authors published at that time so if you liked that genre you had to read those authors. Fast forward 10 more years and now it is a huge genre with any number of authors for you to choose from and some of the authors that we never thought would go there have even written books with a little paranormal activity.

I for one am really glad that this genre exists because this is one of my favorite genres. I am fairly picky however when it comes to my paranormal stories, if they are creating their own world than it has to be completely believable. If they are writing a paranormal with immortals that live amongst us, the reasons for the immortality have to be believable, and they have to have historical accuracy.

Melanie likes those that are different and take twist that is unexpected to make it more enjoyable. Something that hasn’t been seen before in the genre, yet still has to be somewhat believable.

We each have those ff&p authors that are auto buys for each of us.

On the top of my list are Nalini Singh, Christine Feehan, Kerrelyn Sparks, Kresley Cole, Gena Showalter, Lara Adrian, Jessa Slade and Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Melanie’s auto buys are Erin Kellison, Leslie Parish, Christina Dodd, Brenda Joyce,  Sherrilyn Kenyon and Melissa Mayhue.

Are there any paranormal books that you love and what do you enjoy about them, what about ones that you are not liking?

The lovely Jessa Slade has put together a fabulous swag bag for one lucky commenter today

Some more responses from those fabulous authors that we love:

Nalini Singh: I have quite eclectic reading tastes and depending on my reading mood, will read anything from thrillers to sf/fantasy, to any number of sub-genres of romance (of course!) and more. I read some non-fiction as well, partly for research purposes and partly just because the topic interests me. Some of my favorite authors are Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey. Anne Bishop, Christine Feehan, Meljean Brook, Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, Jayne Castle/Jayne Ann Krentz, JD Robb, Julie Garwood, Jude Deveraux, Lisa Kleypas…and seriously, I could keep going. I love reading, and I’m always trying out new authors alongside my favorites. My most recent “finds” have been Joss Ware (love the Envy Chronicles!) and Jess Granger with her futuristic romances. As for where I read – everywhere I can!

Jessa Slade: As a writer, I consider it my sacred duty to read. I have a breakfast book, a backpack book, a bedside book, and a bathtub book. And usually a few more besides 🙂 I read a lot in my genre — urban fantasy romance — but like most booksluts, I’ll peel back the cover on anything. At RomCon this year (where I met the Book Reading Gals!) I had the chance to sit with Nalini Singh, C.L. Wilson and Christine Feehan. It was like my bookshelf sprang to life!

Erin Kellison: Chances to relax are seldom with little kids and a book on deadline, so I have to steal time to get my reading fix. I generally choose fantasy, but really enjoy a lot of genre fiction. I had surgery last week and got to read Mockingjay in one sitting. Love that feeling of sinking into a book. My favorite place to go? The beach. Combine that with a book and a lazy afternoon and I am in heaven.

Leslie Parish: Whenever I want to read purely for enjoyment, I tend to stay away from romance because I’m so immersed in it in my job, I just want something different for down-time.So I typically pick up a horror or thriller novel (Stephen King is my favorite) or something so funny it leaves me breathless (Christopher Moore is my go-to author for this!) I most recently read The Passage by Justin Cronin, a futuristic vampire/zombie armageddon story and really loved it.



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  2. Carrie

    I’ll read just about anything. It doesn’t really matter. In paranormal I like those that are heavy on the romance side. A sexy vampire or shifter makes me happy!!

  3. Jane

    My first paranormals were Heather Graham’s ghost stories and then I started reading about shapeshifters after I read Cynthia Eden’s “Hotter After Midnight.”

  4. Jessa Slade

    Dudettes, on top of a three-day weekend about to start, you just put my name in some incredibly amazingly wonderfully fabulous company! I am swooning (and not just because I haven’t had lunch yet and my blood sugar is crashing.)

    I have goodies for a lucky commenter, so c’mon, folks, tell us what you like!

  5. Heather-admin

    Jessa it is because you are so awesome. I mean heck you came and hung out with us at the airport, so of course we are going to put in with these amazing women.

  6. Kim Miller

    I am fairly new to the world of paranormal and have only read Nora Roberts’ and Nalini Singh’s books in this genre, but I love both of these authors and I love how they make the world so believable!

  7. Johanna Jochum

    I just started reading paranormal a few years ago and I’m really just starting to read a few authors. I’m not really into the ick factor and alot of paranormal has it. I like mine with a lot of romance and humor. I guess I like paranormal light! LOL I am really enjoying Kerrelyn Sparks, Chiristina Dodd, Charlain Harris, Barbara Bretton, and Mary Janice Davidson. I’m looking forward to reading some Lynsay Sands and Molly Harper. A good friend recommended these to me. Thanks for sharing

  8. Johanna Jochum

    Oh, How could I forget Heather Graham she writes some pretty scary ghost stories and I just finished Michele Hauf’s Her Vampire Husband which rocked! Love some sexy vampires! I’m writing down names for my to get list!

  9. Melissa Mayhue

    Hey Heather and Melanie! And big hugs to Melanie for listing me on her auto buys. I am totally honored! 🙂 Also, big waves to Jessa, who definitely writes awesome stories!! My favorite reads were always similar to what I write — before I started writing, that is. Now I pretty much avoid stories with faeries, time travel and highlanders… don’t want to be picking up other peoples’ visions! As a result, I discovered how much I love urban fantasy! Charlaine Harris and Jeanne C. Stein are two of my current favorites.

    ~ Melissa

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  11. Lisa Hutson

    I never read paranormal anything. Just cant get into it.

  12. KC Klein

    I love paranormal, but find myself leaning more toward time-travel. As far as authors, my brain is dead and can’t think of anymore and am picking from the ones that have been mentioned above. I’ve read all of Erin Kellison’s book, (loved them by the way) but look forward to reading books from the above authors.

  13. terri patrick

    I love some paranormal authors while others make my eyes cross and toss books against the wall. For me it’s got to be more than non-human and breaking the boundaries of being 3-D, it also has to have craft, relevance and powerful story.

    I’ve read Jessa Slade, adore her stories and world building, so now I have other authors to read until the next Marked Souls story arrives in the spring.

    Thanks for this blog!

  14. Kim Lenox

    I love all these authors’ books as well! Congratulations on launching your new blog, Book Reading Gals!


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