Party of Three by Daire St Denis

Title: Party of Three

Author: Daire St Denis

Genre: Erotic romance ( Ménage erotica, f/m/f, f/f)

Synopsis: Determined to end a long dry spell, Tina is thwarted by her best friend, Des, who scares off the only eligible guy at their party. But Des more than makes up for it when she and her boyfriend, Josh, invite Tina to their own intimate celebration.

The encounter awakens cravings Tina didn’t even know she had. She’s intrigued when the couple asks her to join them for two days of sun, sand and steamy sex in Santa Barbara. She should say no. But she doesn’t…

The erotic weekend is beyond amazing. But there’s something deeper developing between the trio—something Tina is not yet ready to explore. After all, their party of three can’t last forever—can it?

Review: There were elements of a great plot in “Party of Three”, snippets of the 20-year best-friends-forever (BFF) history between Tina and Des, and of course, lots of sex, but the book lacked connectivity.

I applaud Daire St Denis (a new-to-me author) for showing that entering a ménage- à-trois relationship isn’t all roses but the story line jumped at times and transitions between about to and having sex was sometimes super-sonic in speed.

(SPOILER) There is also a rape scene in this book, involving Tina and Kenton, a man Des casually warned her away from a few times.  If you know someone has a really bad reputation, why would you be so vague with your BFF?

Also, this book is written in first-person narrative, from Tina’s perspective and that may have been done because she doesn’t seem able to voice her thoughts at times, choosing instead to go along with Des’ plans for all three of them (Des, Josh and Tina).

I saw  potential from Daire St Denis in this book/short story and will give her other/future books a chance but I really hope the story and character development flows much better in those.

The excerpt I chose is from chapter 1 and shows the author’s awareness that a ‘threesome’ isn’t all roses all of the time, even in fiction. The scene also gives you an idea of the relationship between Tina and Des and shows Tina’s realisation that she just may be into ‘threesomes’, at least with these two people. Tina also seems inclined toward lesbian encounters, a fact she explores with a ‘stranger’ before becoming brave enough to express herself to Des.

Grade: C

Excerpt: “Hey.”

I was so startled by Desi’s voice behind me I slopped coffee over the rim of my cup. Pulling my housecoat tight and with eyes downcast, I turned to the sink, grabbed a cloth and began wiping up the spill.

“Don’t do this.”
“Do what?”
“Avoid me and feel bad.”
I stopped wiping but still didn’t turn around. “I can’t help it. After what I did?”
“After what we did, Tina.”
I didn’t say anything. I mean, what was I supposed to say?
“Look at me.”

I was mortified. Here was my best friend and I didn’t think I could face her.
“Teen, turn around and look at me. You’re not going to go around blaming yourself for this too.”

I had no idea what she meant by that, but whatever it was, she’d managed to get me to turn around.
There were dark circles under Desi’s eyes. I expected that. What I didn’t expect to see was the glow in her cheeks. I also didn’t expect the unholy sparkle in her eyes.

She smiled. It was a slow smile but it was genuine. “I’m sorry we did that to you. Maybe you weren’t ready.

I frowned. “What are you talking about?”
“Josh and I. We’ve wanted to do that for a long time.”
“Don’t go all righteous on me. It’s no biggie.”
“No biggie? Are you insane?”

Desi calmly poured herself a cup of coffee and then stirred in some milk and sugar. After a long sip she looked me up from top to bottom. “You know you’re every guy’s wet dream, don’t you?”
“Desi, would you stop talking crap.”

She shrugged. “I’m not talking crap. Everyone wants you. Petite frame, big tits, tiny waist, blond hair, blue eyes. I’ve been watching guys lust after you for years.” She took a sip of coffee. “So it was no big deal when I first caught Josh watching you,” she continued matter-of-factly.

“He doesn’t watch me.”
“Yes, he does. Around the pool, the beach. After your workout. He’s subtle about it. But he watches.”

“This was Josh’s idea? How could you go along with it? I’m your best friend!”
Desi moved closer so her hip was in contact with my waist. “It wasn’t Josh’s idea. It was mine.”

“Yours?” She was too close to me. I stepped away, but what I really wanted to do was run. “What are you talking about?”

“At first Josh pretended to be appalled, just like you’re pretending to be now. But then he warmed to the idea.” Des arched a single brow. “I’d say last night set him on fire.”

She took a step toward me and draped her arms over my shoulders and said in that low, smoky voice of hers, “And you, my dearest and bestest friend, during the prime of your life, you’ve chosen this ridiculous life of celibacy. Then, just when it looks like you might fall off the abstinence wagon, you choose the worse possible candidate.”



“Kenton! At least a roll in the hay with him would have been normal.”
“Don’t count on it.”

I pulled out of her embrace and set my coffee down because my hand was shaking so much I was slopping coffee on me, burning the back of my hand. “And I suppose what we did is normal? C’mon, Des! This was not the way I planned to climb back aboard the sex train.”

“No. But this is how it is. And just so you know, after you left last night, Josh and I had the best sex we’ve ever had. Ever.”
“Stop it.” I covered my ears as if that could keep the carnal images of my best friend and her boyfriend from flitting through my mind’s eye.

But Desi didn’t stop. She kept right on going. “I came five times. Five times! Can you believe it? Jesus H. Christ. I thought I was going to explode. And it’s all because of you.”

I shut my eyes. Squeezed them tight, but that only made things worse. All I could see was Des with the same expression of lust she wore last night as she watched me orgasm while her boyfriend’s tongue was probing my p**sy.

“You know, you’re not the first woman I’ve been with.”
“Huh?” I dropped my hands.
Des grinned at me and absently drew circles in the wet spot on the counter. “I’ve experimented.”

What was she trying to tell me? Something weird tickled in the pit of my stomach. It must have been the hangover.
“What about Josh?” I asked, completely confused.
She laughed. “You’re his first foray into that realm of three-play. But after last night, I can honestly say he’s going to want to explore further.”


Des interrupted me. “Sex doesn’t always have to be so serious, you know. It can be fun.” She took a step toward me. “Really fun if you’re willing to experiment a little.” Then my friend’s hands were on mine, gently pulling me closer. “There’s no reason to be so uptight about this.”
“I wanted it this way. I wanted to share Josh with you. He’s the best thing I’ve ever had. And I wanted to share you with Josh. You’re the other best thing I’ve ever had.”

I was about to say something, though quite honestly, I had no idea what I was going to say, when Josh walked into the room. He was bare-chested, which was hard enough to take, but worse, he came to stand beside Desi and kissed her on the cheek.
“Hey, babe.” Then his gaze fixed on me. His smile was tentative, but his eyes hid a dark secret. “Morning, Tina.”

“Hey.” My voice was barely more than a whisper. I desperately wanted to look away but some strange force held me, captivating me, forcing me to watch the display of affection between them. Desi running her left hand up Josh’s abdomen, her right hand dropping down to his ass.

Josh cupped Desi’s face for a full-on lip-lock and then she whispered something in his ear. Whatever it was, it made him grin and look at me, at my flushed face. Could they tell I was turned on? That even though I’d planned to go about my business and pretend like nothing happened, all I really wanted was for the whole thing to happen all over again?

They’d awakened something in me. Something that went beyond my passion for any guy or boyfriend I’d ever been with. Something I hadn’t even known I desired.”


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