Pearl Jinx by Sandra Hill

Rating 5 Pearl Jinx by Sandra Hill

Deep… As project manager for Jinx Inc.’s underground hunt for pearls, it’s ex-Amish Navy SEAL Caleb Peachy’s job to keep his PhDiva consultant in check. It ain’t easy: archaeologist extraordinaire “Crazy” Claire Cassidy is annoyingly clever, exotically sexy (she even makes a pair of waders look hot), and practically scaring his pants off with her honesty. Dark… Claire knows Caleb isn’t ready to settle down, but hey, what girl can say no to a little lovin’ with a rough and sexy SEAL? All she has to do is steer clear of Jinx Inc.’s anaconda mascot, one eccentric Cajun matchmaker, a bunch of ticked-off elders, and remember her mission (oh yeah, the pearls). And Full of Dangerous Surprises… But there’s a lot more to Caleb Peachy than meets the eye. And for Claire, surrendering to this attraction could lead to treasure beyond measure… or something that could break her heart.

Review: Is there anything better than an ex-amish navy seal that is very alpha male and going up against tante Lulu one of Sandra’s best characters if not the best character ever. I loved this book, in fact I love it so much that I re-read it today because it makes you laugh and cry. If you haven’t ever read a Sandra Hill you have got to try her. Here is a link to her website to check out all of her great books.


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