The Princess Diaries Series

Because of not having girls, I have never read this series. So I was bored and walking around the bookstore and decided that I will try out this series, because even though I am the only girl in the house, well not counting the cats, I am a girl.

I am 1/4 of the way through the first book and loving it. As anyone else read them? What did you think? Are they worth reading all the books?



  1. Shiroibara

    I haven’t read more than the first book and that a while ago, but I recently borrowed a couple of Meg Cabot’s ebooks from the ABQ Digital Library and it brought my interest back. I’m planning on borrowing them from the library sometime in the near future, but I’ve cut back on the books I’m reading right now so it probably won’t be soon. Let me know if you like them all.

  2. Heather's Books

    Will do…I got the first 4 books from the library so I know that they have them.

  3. Wendy

    I’ve read the entire series, save for the last one which is in my TBR. I’ve really enjoyed this series, but that being said the first 4 are really THE best.

  4. Heather's Books

    Wendy, thanks. My biggest problem is that i LOVE the movies, and the books are almost nothing like the movies.

  5. Shiroibara

    This blog entry prompted me to borrow the first audio book from the digital library and I listened to it for quite a while today (I’m about half way through it at this point). I too am finding some interesting differences between the movie and the book. I love, however, that Anne Hathaway is the narrator. It’s like having the book and movie at the same time :).


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