Putting Out Old Flames by Allyson Charles

cover91449-mediumTitle:    Putting Out Old Flames

Series:  Pineville #1

Author:  Allyson Charles

Genre:  Romance

Blurb:   Jane Willoughby has a temper. Sure, in her day job answering calls for 911, she can keep her head no matter what the emergency. But when her ex appears on her doorstep on her first sick day in years, expecting her to act happy he’s her co-chair for the annual fireman’s ball, she feels a little righteous wrath is justified.

Chance McGovern broke up with her with a greeting card, for crying out loud. He doesn’t get to just sprout some washboard abs and put on a uniform and behave like any other tasty firefighter.

Jane has no idea what’s happened to Chance in the last nine years—and no interest in finding out. Not even a teeny-tiny spark. No matter how hot he is. Or how well he remembers the little things that make her laugh, and cry, and spontaneously combust.

And she’s going to be working with him one-on-one. At least there’s a fireman on call . . .

ThoughtsPutting Out Old Flames has all the elements to make it a great read…unfortunately it never quite got there for me.  Sexy fireman, two old flames who have a chance to rekindle old love, etc.  It started off well enough, but the characters were a bit wishy-washy for me.  One minute you think they have a desire to rekindle the romance, on another it seems like they really couldn’t care less.  The characters also just have no depth to them.  It reads a little too pat and a little too one-dimensional for me.  It was an ok read, but not one that really hits and has you invested in the story or characters.

Rate:  C


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