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With the amount of books that I need to review (see link regarding upcoming reviews) I should really be doing a review, however I am not going to. I am going to do a random things about books post. So sit back grab that cup of coffee that I know you are drinking, drink one for me as I no longer drink it, and enjoy the randomness.

Last month my sister in law Melanie told me that she had just found the best program to catalog all her books, much like a library does. I immediately went and looked for this program as it was a free program and found that it was for mac’s only. I have a pc. I then went on a hunt for a library program for pc’s that was similar and also free (I am all about the free), alas there were no programs. So I stopped looking and went on packing up all my books for the big move. For those that are just tuning in we moved from Albuquerque NM to Henderson NV, for those that are unfamiliar with Henderson it is across the street from Vegas, I walk out my apt complex and go one block north and I am in Vegas.

As we were unpacking all of our movies my husband told me to find a program that cataloged movies, so I did. As he was playing with the program he discovered that they had a program for books, so we got it. I have just spent the last week fighting with Mike over the use of the laptop as we have each been cataloging our books, haven’t even begun to do the family books or the boys books.

For those wanting the programs here are the links for Mac’s and PC’s. Now for pc’s there are a lot out there but we like this one the best. We clicked on the link to get it for free not the free trial, and joined a movie club and book club and still paid less then what we would have paid for the program.

Last week as I was posting about a book Mik came up to me and told me that he wants a blog, so that he can blog about kids books. I loved that. Now he is only 9 so there is no way he is getting his own blog, so we compromised. When he finds a book that he wants to review we will both read it, and both write a review about it, one from mom perspective and one from the kid perspective. So look for those in the future as school is back in so the reading goes up.

Somehow I got on a mailing list for a publisher, and I get emails from authors with upcoming books looking for reviewers. Not that I am complaining because I have gotten some great books to read as result of that. These are the books that I am currently working on, one is book two in a series, it is for kids 9-12 and so we are looking for book 1 to read before me and the boys start that one. They are each going to write a review on those books. The other two are just random books that sounded good. You can’t see the books very well but they are The Book of Nonsense, On the Bluffs and Shooting the Albatross.
These are the books that are sitting on my nightstand that I am reading right now in my TBR pile. The other day I looked at two of them and decided that I wasn’t in the mood for them and grabed the other book to read.

These are the books that I got in the mail recently from PBS. I can’t wait to dive into them.

Today I hit the library. This was my first foray into this library to get books. We went last week to get the library cards, but we ran out of time to actually get any books. This is a fairly new library, it just opened up in April so they are still building their collection. I think that I came away with a good amount of books. Some of them, okay most of them were random books that looked interesting, we will see how it goes. I may finish some of them and may not finish others.



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  1. Heather D

    Thanks Heather, I think I might check into that link for PC. My husband just freaked out on me about all my books in my closet. We are talking about some major changes, which would involve selling the house, so now he wants me to declutter and get rid of books… likes that happening. I might just box my books up and take them to Mom's for a while. LOL


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