Randomness Friday + giveaway

It’s another randomness Friday around here…we have lots to say, ok not really but hey we could have.

The other day I had a yen to re-read on of my favorite series The Drake Sisters by Christine Feehan. I’ve read all the books multiple times, but my favorite books have always been Safe Harbor and Turbulent Sea. I’ve also had a love affair with Ilya Prakenskii ever since he touched Joley’s hand in Oceans of Fire.

So I’ve been reading this series and falling in love with everyone all over again. Especially Ilya. Having finished with the Drake Sisters I picked up Water Bound, because it’s Ilya’s brother’s book. Reading it I remembered loving this book just as much. It takes place immediately after Hidden Currents so I could understand Ilya not being in the book.

But then I read Spirit Bound…and I got mad all over again. So Stefan Prakenskii can go to Sea Haven to alert his brother Lev (who is the hero of Water Bound) and yet they never once mention being in contact with Ilya. And then there was the ceremony at the end of the book with Blythe the cousin to the Drakes remembering a ceremony and rubbing her palm like Joley used to.

So I’ve waited patiently, ok not so patiently for the next book in this series to come out and for Ilya to be reunited with his brothers. And now it’s been 2 years since the last book came out. So I went hunting on her website and after spending quite a bit of time on it I FINALLY found a reference to the next book out in June however I can’t find any details on it.

As a reader this is really frustrating. Because I REALLY WANT ILYA TO REUNITE WITH HIS BROTHERS.

It’s almost the holidays and that means we’ll be asking our favorite authors to send us their favorite holiday recipes. This year we’re thinking of theming it, I know theming isn’t a word but it should be. So our ideas are, 1) favorite christmas cookie recipe or favorite holiday drink recipe or 2) one of your characters favorite christmas treats. What do you think?

We’ve all been reading like mad, and will have lots of reviews coming. Heather is still on her Christmas stories kick so watch out regarding those.

We have a special treat today…we are giving away 2 copies of MacNamara’s Woman by Lisa Gardner to TWO lucky people…

macnamara's womanMACNAMARA’S WOMAN

Three siblings searching for the truth about their family are about to find more than they bargained for.…

When Tamara Allistair lost her family, she quickly learned that the only person she could rely on was herself. Now Tamara wants revenge against the man who wronged her. But going after a target with far-reaching connections is a dangerous gamble, and soon Tamara is the one being threatened.

A man with his own share of family issues, ex-marine C. J. MacNamara knows that protecting Tamara is the right thing to do. Keeping her safe is no easy task, but getting her to trust him is an entirely different challenge. As Tamara attempts to right a wrong ten years in the making, C.J. puts his own life on the line to protect the woman who is more worthy of love than anyone he’s ever known.

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  1. Rita Luken

    Shadowed by Rebecca Zanetti

  2. Carolyn J

    Targeted katie reus

  3. SnarkyMom

    Right now I’m reading Winter’s Heat, but Shadowed is next along with Targeted LOL! BTW – your rafflecopter needs “fixed” – your twitter option references your past Carly Phillips promo/giveaway. I fixed it on my end when I tweeted, but you might want to go in & change it at Rafflecopter – thought I should let you know 🙂 !!

    1. TBRG (Post author)

      Fixed, thanks for the heads up.

  4. kp

    I am reading the Locke series!

  5. Karin Anderson

    I actually just finished Maggie’s Man, so this giveaway is perfect! I’m reading Sherryl Woods’s Sand Castle Bay and listening to Highlander Betrayed by Laurin Wittig.

  6. bn100

    sometimes it lasts by Abbi Glines

  7. Texas Book Lover

    I am reading Dianne Duvall’s Phantom Shadows.

  8. Jane

    Right now I’m reading Jana Deleon’s “The Betrayed.”

  9. falicesidoma

    I am reading Sandra Hill’s Rough & Ready. It is an older book but I am catching up on all Sandra Hill’s books that i had not read

  10. Carol

    Just started Deception Cove by Jayne Castle

  11. Marcy Shuler

    I just finished The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie by Jennifer Ashley. Loved it!


  12. maybe31

    the beautiful and the cursed

  13. Patoct

    Susan Andersen’s Some Like It Hot.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. CrystalGB

    Drawn Together by Lauren Dane.

  15. Chelsea B.

    I just finished Bared to You by Sylvia Day and now I’m deciding between two books! 🙂

  16. TBRG (Post author)

    Lots of great books here…some I’ve never read and some I have. You guys have just increased my TBR pile 🙂


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