Ready to Bear by Ivy Sinclair

cover74609-mediumTitle:    Ready to Bear

Series:  A Greyelf Grizzlies/Urban Dwellers Crossover

Author:  Ivy Sinclair

Genre:  Romance

Blurb:   Sheriff Billy Miller wasn’t sure what to expect when he landed in Copper City. Tracking a suspect from one of his cold cases led him to the doorstep of the Urban Dwellers, a trio of men who have no love lost for Billy or the Greyelf Grizzly Clan. He certainly didn’t anticipate meeting his mate in the process.

What Thea Philips knows about shifters came from her brother, Eric Carmichael, one of the three founding members of the Urban Dwellers. But then Thea comes face to face with the dark underbelly of the shifter community and is saved by Billy Miller, someone she never expected to meet much less be attracted to.

Billy and Thea’s budding romance is threatened when it becomes apparent that someone has set their sights on taking Billy out of the picture for good. Now it’s a race against time to find the one thing that will save his life, but it forces secrets from his past out in the open. Secrets that Thea has to decide if she can accept, if Billy makes it through alive.

This is a full-length, standalone new adult contemporary romance novel intended for readers 18+.

Thoughts:  Shifter romances are some of my favorites among paranormal romances, so I love when an author can throw some kind of new ‘myth’ or idea behind shifters and how things work in that fantasy world that is totally new and fresh to the genre. I had never read Ivy Sinclair before, and I was kind of expecting a ‘standard’ shifter tale, but what I got was so much more! This was definitely a different read from all those shifter titles out there. It was easy to get caught up in this world created by this great author.

While it was easily read as a stand alone title, there were obvious clues into other characters and titles that I definitely plan on checking out.

If shifters are your thing, this one is a great one for you!

Rate:  A-/B+


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